Med Dev Guide: Distributor Management

Like any other competitive business, medical device manufacturers must create compelling products and use resourcefulness and strategic planning to get them to buyers. Over time, the distribution networks for medical devices in the healthcare industry have gotten more concentrated. As providers, hospitals, medical device resellers, and other players consolidate, they have spawned more extensive and more sophisticated inventory management services.

Med Dev Guide: Automating Field Service Operations

The medical devices field is one of the most strictly regulated in the United States for a good reason. After all, according to Select USA, this sub-industry in healthcare alone is expected to be worth $208 billion by 2023. In this guide, we discuss how to improve field operations.

Med Dev Guide: Provider Relationship Management

It is no secret that the US healthcare market is a complicated maze of networks, hierarchies, affiliations, and regulations. Yet, the industry is full of new opportunities with a ready but apprehensive market to medical device companies and other players. To succeed, a medical device company will need to connect with and cater to healthcare providers because they are the best source of acquiring referrals, new business, and patients.