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Core Values Series: Growth

Check out our newest series centered around our Core Values. This time around: Growth!

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Over the last few months, you’ve learned lots about our core values! We have one more in store for you: Growth.

Our five Core Values are:

  • Accountability
  • Flexibility
  • Growth
  • Grit
  • Teamwork

We define Growth as “Deliberate pursuit of improvement both on the individual and team level. We are all equally responsible for growth.”

We’ve seen our folks display Growth by:

  • Taking on new responsibilities and owning their success
  • Stepping outside their comfort zone to learn something new
  • Requesting, giving, and accepting feedback/critique
  • Using their knowledge and experience to help Penrod grow and improve

Growth happens in all kinds of ways: from pursuing Salesforce certifications to honing a new skill, earning promotions to proposing new ideas, our people are always pushing themselves and those around them to level up.

Take a look at one of our recent shoutouts:

Thanks for coming along the Core Value journey with us!

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