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Happy National Coffee Month — Community Coffee Shop Feature

Penrod is a company that lives in the fast lane — our harmonic chaos has converted us into coffee addicts. We are lucky to work in a neighborhood in which nine cafés reside within a ten-block radius keeping the caffeine competition strong. In honor of National Coffee Month, we reviewed our favorite coffee shops.

Anodyne Coffee

224 W Bruce St, Milwaukee, WI 53204


What is your favorite drink?

Joey S: Anodyne’s Dark Roast Sumatra is perhaps my favorite of late. Though I’ve often claimed I prefer my coffee to be as close to hot, dirty water as possible that certainly doesn’t invalidate my choice. It just means I’ve drank enough coffee to know the goofy flavors are mere masks of the true chemical reward my brain craves. Anodyne’s Dark Roast Sumatra is black like the obsidian found in the volcanic, Indonesian soils it’s grown in, and one cup will certainly stimulate you in a way you’re absolutely convinced you’re ready for your day.

What makes Anodyne your favorite coffee shop in the ward?

Joey S: In a district seemingly flooded with endless boutique coffee shops each claiming their own blend of hot water in not only unique, but also the most delicious satisfaction of government-unregulated, additive stimulants Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. stands out. Not particularly for their delightful coffee, but their atmosphere. Giant, south-facing windows allow sunlight to keep you and your coffee warm as it complements the spacious wooden interior and the ever-friendly staff compliments you 😉 Complete with a full stage and a genuine bar (like, a real “bar” bar), Anodyne gets my vote for best coffee shop in The Historic Third Ward.

Stone Creek Coffee

158 S Barclay St, Milwaukee, WI 53204


What is your favorite drink?

Bri: Mocha cold brew — it is a strong drink with a smooth flavor and packs a punch that is sure to keep me stimulated well in to the afternoon. Penrod also supplies us with growlers of Stone Creek’s delicious cold brew to satisfy my addiction so I can go back for round two of my favorite pick-me-up 😉

What makes Stone Creek your favorite coffee shop in the ward?

Bri: I love that Stone Creek has a fire pit outside ensuring I stay warm on the breezier days in MKE. Also, their space is shared with 88.9 Radio Milwaukee so I am always discovering new music and subconsciously entertaining my hipster spirit while hanging out.

Bella Caffe

189 N Milwaukee St, Milwaukee, WI 53202


What is your favorite drink?

Chris: Mocha Frappe.

What makes Bella Caffe your favorite coffee shop in the ward?

Chris: Bella’s employs a friendly staff that seem generally enthused about what they do and provide a quality experience. In addition, they provide a wide array of delicious exotic soups, which can’t be tested by the surrounding coffee shops.

Kickapoo Coffee

232 E Erie St, Milwaukee, WI 53202


What is your favorite drink?

Jess: My favorite drink is a “boring” cup of black coffee. Kickapoo has a way of making that cup of coffee not boring, with a variety of tasty roasts and pretty mugs for you to sip out of. If I’m not drinking black coffee (the only reason being because I already had too many cups…), I go for one of their teas. The presentation of the tea is adorable! They present it to you on a nice wooden tray with a timer telling you when your tea is ready.

What makes Kickapoo your favorite coffee shop in the ward?

Jess: Kickapoo has got to be my favorite coffee shop in the ward because of the space they’re in. It is very minimal and in turn, very quiet. It’s a great spot to go to if you are determined to get work done. The only possible distractions are the beautiful plants scattered throughout the space.


Colectivo Coffee

170 S First St, Milwaukee, WI 53204


What is your favorite drink?

Katrina: If I want a treat, dirty chai with whole milk. Otherwise a plain latte. Whole milk, always, because skim milk is water that’s lying about being milk.

What makes Colectivo your favorite coffee shop in the ward?

Katrina: They’re close to my office in the Third Ward and my home in Bay View! Which basically means I get to rack up some of those sweet, sweet loyalty points. Oh yeah, and there’s the all day breakfast. Bacon biscuits FTW.