Portal Pain Points, Physician Pain Points

Our client began searching for a partner who specialized in healthcare and had a track record of building physician portals that delivered exceptional experiences. It became clear that Penrod's healthcare focus and track record for developing revenue-driving portals was exactly what our client needed.

Our partnership began with an extensive analysis of our client's existing portal, which uncovered several issues.


Manual workflows, fragmented communications, and disparate tech stack on the physician portal


A unified portal built on the power of Salesforce Experience Cloud


Improved physician experiences, faster order fulfillment, reduced support cases

Matching Quality Analysis with Quality Physician Experiences

Our client is renowned in the healthcare industry for its high-quality analytical services. Yet, its provider portal needed modernization. Manual processes for physician onboarding, order management, payment processing, and reporting led to disjointed experiences.

Our client recognized the need for a modern portal to streamline its processes to meet aggressive growth goals.

The Problems

Manual Processes

It was clear that the physician onboarding process needed to be updated. The process involved cumbersome manual procedures and extensive paperwork, hindering our client’s ability to onboard new physicians at scale. It was one of the critical barriers to meeting revenue growth goals.

Engagement Challenges

Physicians relied on the portal to order tests and manage patient statuses. Yet, these routine functions needed automated workflows on the existing portal, leading to disjointed communication between our client, physicians, and their patients.

Payment Inefficiencies

Our client's customers have a wide range of payment preferences depending on insurance eligibility, the type of therapy, and other factors. Some favor directly passing charges onto the patient, while others prefer invoicing or billing monthly. Unfortunately, our client's portal only supported one payment method, complicating physician and patient relationships during the payment process.


Our client's portal lacked the documentation necessary to enable users properly. As a result, physicians needed help to solve common issues, burdening the support team with redundant cases.

The Solution

Penrod collaborated with the client to build a physician portal that would support its goals for growth.

Built on the power of Salesforce Experience Cloud, the updated portal streamlined physician experiences across onboarding, order management, patient management, and payment processing.

Streamlined Onboarding

Automated workflows delivered a guided physician onboarding process. This led to a structured process that maintained personal engagements, offering a boutique-like experience. NPI validation streamlined the process by automatically verifying and pulling in data directly from the NPPES database, significantly reducing manual data entry.

Real-Time Ordering

Thanks to a direct integration into our client's Health Cloud platform, orders placed on the portal were processed in real-time. This significantly reduced the manual work—and the work hours—involved in fulfilling test orders.

More Payment Options

Multiple payment options gave physicians the most convenient billing methods for various business models. Physicians could now:

  • Directly bill patients
  • Request a Monthly Invoice
  • Directly Pay with a Credit Card


A comprehensive knowledge base now proactively addresses common issues physicians face. This significantly reduced the time support staff spent resolving redundant, avoidable issues.

Automated Signature Collection

The portal was enhanced with automated patient consent processes activated on order placement, ensuring immediate requests for patient signatures. This eliminated delays caused by manual consent collection, resulting in a streamlined and efficient experience for physicians and their patients.

Robust Reporting

New dashboards track our client's most crucial KPIs in real-time, including order volume, frequency, and average order value. This robust reporting engine enables our client to make better day-to-day decisions and confidently deploy high-level strategies that help reach revenue growth goals.

The Portal in Action

The new physician portal provides physicians and clinic staff with a tool that matches the quality and innovation of our client's diagnostic tests. These exceptional experiences empower physicians to deliver exceptional healthcare to their patients.

Faster Onboarding

Streamlined Payment

Robust Self-Service

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