Streamlining Clinical Trial Management at Every Step

Our client is a medical device company focused on creating a fully automated insulin delivery device. The device needed to undergo clinical testing to prepare it for commercialization.

To provide the best clinical trial experience possible, our client needed a cloud-based platform that would guide patients at every stage - including recruiting the right patients, providing support during the trial, and fulfilling end-of-study tasks.

At first, they utilized a third-party clinical partner to manage their trials. However, they couldn't own or edit clinical data in the way they needed to provide the best possible patient experience.


Replacing a third-party clinical management partner with an in-house, cloud-based clinical management platform


Implementing Salesforce Health Cloud for one platform to onboard, manage, support, and debrief patients


Faster intake, higher patient satisfaction, and improved efficiency

The Challenge

Creating a single platform for clinical trial management

Our client was using a third-party partner to manage their clinical trials. Our client takes patient experience incredibly seriously as a public benefit corporation, and patient experience often starts with access to data.

The third-party restricted our client from editing patient data, which meant that they could not refine the patient experience, act as quickly as they needed, or analyze data in real-time.

Beyond patient experience, outsourcing trial management meant that our client's data was siloed in spreadsheets and other systems at the third party.

To provide the best patient experience possible, our client needed a single cloud platform that would unify data, processes, and cases from recruitment to trial conclusion.


The Solution

A Tailored Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation

Our client's search for a unified clinical trial platform that could handle recruitment, support, and offboarding led them to Salesforce Health Cloud. Health Cloud's flexibility, scalability, and ease-of-use ensured that patients would be given the best possible experience during their clinical trial. Additionally, the platform would allow our client to own patient data in-house, meaning that they could analyze data in real-time to personalize care.

Penrod and our client worked to tailor Health Cloud to create a platform that would meet their unique challenges. Account structures were configured so that providers and patients could be recruited at several locations.

Penrod also unified the data model, meaning that our client would have the ability to personalize patient experiences based on real-time insights.


The Results

Improved clinical trial management for better patient experiences

As a result of Penrod's Health Cloud implementation, our client saw a number of immediate improvements.

Improved Intake Efficiency

Patients are now onboarded significantly faster

Better Data Management

A unified data model ensures data is accessible and actionable in real-time

Patient Experience

Better data means patient interactions can be personalized

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