Portal Pain Points, Member Pain Points

Our client began searching for a partner who specialized in healthcare and could meet an aggressive timeline. Their criteria were clear. The portal needed to be:

  • Simple to Use
  • Intuitive to Access
  • Focused on Time-to-Value

After seeing Penrod’s proposal for a self-service portal, Our client recognized that their healthcare focus and proven Salesforce experience would provide the fastest time-to-value. Our partnership began with an accelerated discovery session that studied the client's existing processes, which uncovered several issues.


Administrators managing partner plans were required to submit support tickets so our client’s staff could access member information, resulting in extended response times


A plan administrator portal built on Salesforce Experience Cloud that offered real-time access to member information


Plan administrators now enjoy rapid access to member information, significantly reducing manual work for our client’s support team

Helping Hundreds of Plan Administrators Self-Service

Our client offers its members a range of convenient plans via multiple network partners. These network partners need access to member information to administer benefits throughout the plan year effectively. However, our client didn’t have a self-service portal for information requests, meaning that plan administrators were required to call in requests. Consequently, our client’s support team was overwhelmed with ad-hoc inquiries from partner plan administrators seeking details on member cases, issues, claims, and interactions.

This situation overloaded support staff with manual queries and left plan administrators at network partners unsatisfied due to the lengthy process of manually retrieving and sending information. This delay adversely affected member experiences. Our client realized that, like the members they serve, plan administrators needed convenient, on-demand solutions.

The Problems

Manual Processes

Although our client delivered strong member portal experiences, its business partners' digital offerings lagged behind. Consequently, hundreds of partner plan administrators had to contact support representatives for access to essential member information, including cases, issues, or claims.

This extended the time it took to retrieve member information and increased the manual workload for our client’s support staff.

Moreover, the necessity for a support team member to access member information meant that inquiries could not be made around the clock. It became evident that a self-service portal would be crucial to equip plan administrators with an efficient way to access information for multiple members.

Metrics Visibility

Our client’s reliance on manual support processes left them without crucial metrics for evaluating service quality. Fundamental questions such as which partner plan received the most requests, which administrator was most active, or which member had the highest number of cases, issues, or interactions remained unanswered. Recognizing this gap, our client identified the need for a solution to offer a detailed audit history of administrator logins and activities.

The Solution

Penrod collaborated with the client to develop a portal that enables hundreds of partner plan administrators to effortlessly access member information anytime without overloading their support team. Leveraging Salesforce Experience Cloud, this enhanced portal allows plan administrators to efficiently manage member claims, issues, documentation, and interactions through straightforward search queries.

Real-Time Member Search

Plan administrators are welcomed with a simple search bar upon logging into the support portal. This simplicity aligns with our client’s objective to make the portal as intuitive and functionality-driven as possible.

Administrators can effortlessly search for members using a first name, last name, member ID, or case number. This feature securely retrieves information from our client’s Service Cloud instance, ensuring that details regarding member issues, cases, interactions, and claims are accurately pulled from the source of truth.

In keeping with privacy and security protocols, administrators are granted access only to the information of members within their purview. This access is strictly view-only, preventing any unauthorized alterations to member information.

This design gives administrators a comprehensive view of their members, enabling them to provide exceptional service quickly without relying on our client’s support team.

Simplified Login

To ensure intuitive access, our client aimed to eliminate the need for plan administrators to juggle separate credentials for multiple portals. Penrod developed a secure Single Sign-On (SSO) component, enabling administrators to log into the new portal using the same credentials they use across other portals. Additionally, two-factor authentication was implemented to provide an added layer of security.


Aggregated login and search data can be fed into Salesforce reports, giving our client valuable insights into user login patterns and peak access times. These data points can be segmented by user and partner organization, providing insights that help our client continuously improve the portal.

A World-Class Portal for World-Wide Insurance

Our client's new portal streamlined how partner plan administrators access member information.

This solution not only alleviates the support team's manual workload but also enhances the service experience for plan administrators and members.

By addressing the core issues of manual processes and support metrics visibility through a user-friendly interface and real-time access, our client has set a new benchmark in service delivery.

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