Providing Lifesaving Care to Transfer Patients

Our client is a healthcare leader in its region. As a result, its transfer program provides critical access to lifesaving care for patients with healthcare needs that exceed the capabilities of their current hospital. In these cases, time is of the essence to ensure the best patient health outcomes.

To ensure rapid patient transfers, our client provides ambulance or air transportation for patients with urgent cardiovascular or other emergent conditions. However, they still faced an administrative challenge: quickly summarizing the conditions of newly transferred patients.

Referring facilities typically send PDFs containing the medical history of transfer patients. As a result, admitting physicians at our client need to spend significant time reading through dozens of PDFs – and manually summarizing them – to prepare for the personalized care transfer patients require.

It was clear that admitting physicians needed a faster way to summarize essential patient details in order to treat critical patients more quickly. Our client’s internal innovation team created an AI-machine learning algorithm that could summarize patient details rapidly—but they needed a way to intake the data from referring providers.


Physicians at our client needed to read through and summarize dozens of PDFs from referring hospitals in order to understand the patient’s history


Clinical summaries generated by artificial intelligence


Faster admissions, more accurate patient summaries, and less manual work

The Problems

Manual Processes

When referring a patient to our client, transfer hospitals send corresponding records specifying treatments, conditions, and medical histories. Details are submitted in PDF format via a secure web portal that directly uploads the documents into a patient record in Salesforce Health Cloud.

Our client’s staff needed to read through these PDFs and manually summarize their contents. This labor-intensive process inevitably slowed admission and sidetracked clinical resources with non-clinical tasks.

Summary Accuracy

Human-based data entry can lead to human error, especially when part of a process that strives to intake critical care transfers as quickly as possible. When coupled with the searchability and accessibility limitations of the PDF format, accuracy becomes a significant concern.

As a result, the risk of data entry errors during the transfer patient admission process increased.

The Solution

Penrod collaborated with the client and its innovation team to develop a solution that would ultimately replace manual effort with the power of artificial intelligence. As a result, clinical resources would be freed from the arduous task of manually summarizing patient records, freeing them to focus on what they do best—offering personalized patient care.

Human-less Listening

Thanks to Salesforce Health Cloud’s flexibility, Penrod could upgrade the existing PDF intake process with a trigger that listened for new transfer records. Referring hospitals could utilize the existing referral process, and our client wouldn’t need to spend time enabling them on a new platform.

This listener triggered an automated workflow that led to the next step in the summary process, without any human intervention.

AI Integration

Penrod used Mulesoft to seamlessly integrate Salesforce Health Cloud with an AI-powered Amazon Web Services (AWS) summary processor. With unified patient records flowing into the AWS platform from Salesforce Health Cloud, the innovation team’s AI model could summarize key details from multiple PDFs in a fraction of the time.

The AI-transcribed information could then be sent back to Salesforce Health Cloud into the appropriate fields, providing clinical staff with the ideal amount of information to deliver personalized patient care.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Humans Do What They Do Best

The collaboration between Penrod, our client, and their innovation team exemplifies how technology can drastically improve healthcare processes.

Integrating AI and streamlining data intake via Salesforce Health Cloud has significantly reduced the administrative burden on clinical staff. This allows healthcare professionals to allocate more time to patient care, ultimately enhancing outcomes for transfer patients. The successful implementation of this AI-driven solution ensures quicker and more accurate summaries and sets a precedent for future technological advancements in healthcare administration. Our client stands at the forefront of medical innovation, ensuring patients receive the swift and personalized care they need.

Faster Admissions

More Accurate Patient Summaries

Less Manual Work

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