Automating Marketing Activities to Support Mental Health Excellence

Our client leverages community-based mental health providers for point-of-care. While these partnerships broaden access to mental health by leveraging existing practices, they carry a significant disadvantage – our client relies on each clinic’s manual patient acquisition processes.

Each clinic had its process, making it difficult for our client to provide consistent patient experiences.

Recognizing the challenges caused by these manual intake processes, our client identified the pressing need to implement their own patient acquisition and intake process.

Our client soon reached a strategic decision. They would deploy Health Cloud, Salesforce’s industry-standard healthcare CRM. However, they didn’t have months to implement. They needed a healthcare-focused partner who could accelerate time-to-value in 6 weeks or less.


Reliance on disparate patient intake processes across multiple affiliated clinics


Salesforce Health Cloud


Centralized processes and patient data from intake to treatment

The Challenge

Relying on Disparate Intake Processes Across Multiple Affiliates

Our client’s process relied on managing different processes at each affiliate clinic. Not only did this result in inconsistent patient experiences, but disparate and unorganized data.

Inconsistent Intake Processes
De-centralized intake processes meant our client’s affiliate clinics were burdened with fragmented and inefficient workflows. Each clinic had its unique set of procedures, leading to significant variability in how patients were received and processed. This created a chaotic environment where data was difficult to manage and analyze. Consequently, communication between clinics improved, making it easier to share best practices or streamline operations.

Fragmented Marketing
Furthermore, our client faced substantial obstacles in marketing efforts due to a lack of a cohesive intake system. Inaccurate or incomplete data impeded segmenting and targeting prospective patients effectively. The challenges extended to managing incoming leads, where the lack of integration caused delays and miscommunications. The entire patient journey, from initial contact to follow-up, suffered due to the disjointed processes, making it challenging to provide a seamless experience.

Limited Performance Insights
The absence of centralized tracking and comprehensive reporting tools also meant that our client needed more visibility into key performance metrics. This deficit made it difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, measure lead conversion rates, or identify areas needing improvement. Our client would struggle with marketing to prospects without a unified intake platform, managing incoming leads, tracking the entire journey, and reporting on performance.

The Solution

Salesforce Health Cloud

Penrod proposed its Patient Acquisition and Intake Accelerator as a comprehensive solution laying the foundation for a consistent patient acquisition process.

Not only would the platform boost patient volume, monitor campaign performance, and provide valuable insights to drive revenue growth – but it would do it in an accelerated timeframe.

Boosting Patient Volume
A robust patient acquisition platform enhances visibility, making it easier for potential patients to discover services through targeted marketing efforts. These platforms utilize data analytics to identify and reach out to individuals most likely to benefit from specific mental health treatments. Additionally, streamlined onboarding processes reduce barriers to entry, while automated follow-up ensures ongoing engagement. By providing a seamless, personalized experience, patient acquisition platforms help healthcare providers attract more patients and retain them, ultimately boosting overall patient volume. This improvement in patient experiences not only benefits the patients but also makes the healthcare providers feel the positive impact of their work.

Campaign Management
Thanks to a robust campaign component, our client is able to manage a variety of campaigns that are sure to increase patient volume. Thanks to Penrod’s Health Cloud configuration, their marketing team can organize omnichannel community events, outreach programs, and other patient marketing strategies across email, phone, and social media. This empowerment of healthcare professionals in managing campaigns increases their value and makes them feel integral to the process.

Robust Reporting
With the implementation of Salesforce Health Cloud, our client has gained robust reporting capabilities that provide insights across a consistent acquisition journey. These insights have been instrumental in identifying the most profitable acquisition strategies, from referral to organic, and have significantly improved decision-making in their marketing efforts.

The Results

Consistent Experiences, Unified Data

Accelerated Lead Generation

Omni-channel campaigns across email, phone, events, and social media drive more patient volume.

Robust Reporting

Actionable insights identify the most profitable acquisition strategies.

HIPAA-Compliant Patient Management

Health Cloud’s configurability, security, and governance make it a reliable and HIPAA-compliant solution, ensuring the highest standards of data security and privacy in healthcare operations.

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