ENABLING GROWTH with A Custom Sales Cloud Implementation

Our client is one of the fastest-growing vision benefits companies in the United States. They are dedicated to helping members achieve better, healthier vision by giving them access to qualified doctors and the most expansive network of eyeglass providers.

Prior to working with Penrod, the client’s marketing team did not have a unified platform to track data.

Without a new solution, their systems would stunt their ability to scale.


Data silos meant there wasn't a source of truth for accurate member information


A system of record built with the power of Sales Cloud


A unified data model improved member experience, reporting, and communication

The Challenge

Siloed Data

The client’s marketing team did not have a cohesive platform or process for tracking data; some data was stored in spreadsheets and could not be easily shared across departments.

To empower the team to collaborate and accommodate future growth, the client’s marketing team needed a centralized place to track their vendors, project status, and budgets.

The Solution

Sales Cloud and Custom Objects

After discussing goals with the client, and carefully reviewing their existing programs and processes, Penrod recommended Sales Cloud.

Penrod leveraged a combination of Sales Cloud CRM and custom objects to create a budget tracking tool that the team could use to track their vendors, projects, and budgets. With this solution, the team could communicate more easily and unify their previously siloed data. It also provided the team an opportunity to create custom reports to share with leadership.


The Results

A Single Source of Truth

Today, the client’s marketing team is using their custom Sales Cloud instance and enjoying enhanced productivity and communication within the organization. Because the team now has a centralized place to track key data, such as vendors, projects, and budgets, they have a unified data model and improved communication. They also have an efficient way to manage projects and vendors, providing continuity within the team.

The team is also empowered with the ability to quickly create reports, such as budgeting versus actuals, which helps inform future business decisions. This is important not only for managing existing accounts, but for reaching new members – helping them continue their impressive growth.

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