Our client is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial vacuum delivery systems and commercial respirators for healthcare providers in the United States.

The client wanted to align marketing and sales so that they could more effectively execute their mission of delivering innovative, life-saving products to consumers and hospitals.


Marketing and sales were out of sync, data was not easily shared, and quoting was too complicated


A custom implementation of Sales Cloud to enhance lead tracking and opportunity management


Enhanced lead, opportunity, and contact management

The Challenge

EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE IN THE SAME SPREADSHEET, Marketing and sales weren’t on the same page.

Disparate data created a fragmented view of the patient. This created a number of pain points:

Key Sales Challenges

  • Sales had no insight into marketing’s priorities, data, and prospects
  • A de-centralized platform meant it was nearly impossible to manage multiple sales teams and territories across the United States
  • Sales representatives were bogged down with manual email blasts to prospects
  • The lack of competitive tracking meant deals were frequently lost to competitors

Key Marketing Challenges

  • Leads were managed in a spreadsheet – so tracking prospects, nurturing leads, and sharing real-time data was nearly impossible
  • There wasn’t an efficient way to pass hard-won qualified leads to sales
  • Undefined customer journeys meant un-nurtured leads were slipping through the cracks
  • An overall lack of centralized reporting meant that the tactics with highest ROI potential weren’t being executed

The Solution

CENTRALIZED DATA WOULD Enable better, FASTER patient insights

Penrod and the client brainstormed an ideal system that would enhance lead tracking, improve opportunity management, and streamline quoting, so that marketing and sales could work together effectively.

On the sales side
Opportunity tracking, lead queues, and KPI reporting would hold the entire team accountable.

On the marketing side
Lead nurturing, channel reporting, and centralized email templates would unleash their lead generation engine.

Enhanced Lead Management

  • Lead stages on the lighting path tracks prospects from lead to marketing qualified lead, empowering the marketing team to prove their hard-won ROI
  • User-friendly page layouts provide a full view of the prospect and customer in a centralized Salesforce instance
  • Omni-channel lead tracking allows marketing to execute the best tactics based on source, whether web conversions, emails, trade shows, or distributor partner referrals
  • Lead scoring in Pardot automates top-of-funnel lead nurturing so that sales can spend more time prospecting
  • Automated lead assignment rules drive prospects to the correct sales teams, making conversion seamless, quicker, and more likely

Seamless Opportunity Management

  • Territory management capabilities support region-based assignments, simplifying management of inside, outside, and partner sales teams across the United States
  • Campaign management supports enhanced, centralized tracking of events, marketing campaigns, and advertising, converting data into actionable insights with ROI calculations and influence reports
  • Competitive tracking on the opportunity object ensures that sales representatives are armed with information to win deals against competitors

The Results

Marketing and Sales Alignment

As a result of Penrod's Sales Cloud implementation, our client saw a number of immediate improvements.

Lead Management

Automated assignment rules and stages reduces manual tracking

Opportunity Management

Robust tracking helps tie campaigns to opportunity and revenue generation

Unified Data

Stakeholders across the sales and marketing organizations have access to the data that matters

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