Promoting safety, health, and nutrition

As part of their mission to care for children, the nonprofit branch of the hospital offers e-courses geared towards public schools to promote safety, health, and nutrition. It offers dozens of courses including training on car seat installation and safety, bike safety, and other injury-prevention measures. Currently, public school teachers and counselors in one state can also register their students for classes in nutrition, bullying, health, and physical activity.

In addition to these e-courses, the hospital offers a special project focused on using automated defibrillators to help protect children who experience life-threatening cardiac events.

The program was founded in the late 1990s when a young boy went into cardiac arrest at school and sadly passed away. The program’s mission is to equip schools with the tools and education they need to provide emergency cardiac care. Once a school has gone through the program, the hospital presents it with a special designation to indicate its successful completion.

Registration, promotion, and outreach for both the e-courses and this program are managed by hospital staff. While the e-courses are currently offered only in one state, the program partners with schools throughout the nation.


Multi-step registration process, data management in spreadsheets


Experience Cloud implementation for e-learning


Faster intake, better user experience, and improved efficiency

The Challenge

Dealing with spreadsheets.

When the program first started, registering schools and students for the e-learning courses was a multi-step process. First, school staff would call a hospital staff member to initiate the registration process. Using a system of spreadsheets, hospital staff would then capture the data and manually register students, assign usernames and passwords, and send their login information back to the teacher.

Teachers then used the spreadsheet they received to distribute usernames and passwords to each student. Not only was this elaborate process time-consuming and inefficient, it made registration difficult for teachers, public school staff, and students. The spreadsheets also failed to provide valuable insights hospital team members needed to monitor courses and promote the courses to organizations outside the public schools already involved in the program. These insights could help the team understand which courses were doing well in regards to registration and user feedback and which ones faced challenges.

Tracking information was vital to maintaining and growing the successful program. Data was tracked in Salesforce Sales Cloud with great results. However, because the e-learning program was kept in disparate spreadsheets, it was difficult for internal teams to communicate about the schools participating in the program. The team needed one cohesive solution that would streamline their registration process, manage both programs on the same platform, and easily track enrollment.

The Solution

A platform built with Experience Cloud

After discussing the hospital’s needs, Penrod implemented a new system leveraging Salesforce Experience Cloud. The new system fully integrates with the hospital’s existing Sales Cloud instance, allowing the team to use one platform for both programs to streamline program management. Now the defibrillator education program and e-learning teams can easily share information and track participating schools on one holistic platform. The new Community also treats both e-courses and the defibrillator education program program like e-commerce products, which allows the hospital greater flexibility in course offerings and provides the team with advanced automation, more robust reporting, and valuable analytics.

In addition, Salesforce Experience Cloud provides the hospital’s team flexibility to add or remove underutilized courses and promote courses to organizations outside of a single public school system. This defibrillator education program works with many national partners, because the flexibility of the platform enables internal teams to communicate easier and more efficiently across the nation. Salesforce Experience Cloud’s reporting capabilities aids the hospital’s staff to easily track course popularity and locate which schools have successfully completed the defibrillator education program.


The Results

Improved Tracking and User Experience

Salesforce Experience Cloud has helped improve the user experience, streamline processes, and improve tracking and reporting capability. Because the hospital’s entire e-course platform and defibrillator education program tracking are now automated, the user experience is consistent across all courses. Administrative processes for hospital employees have also been streamlined. They no longer need to manually create spreadsheets, usernames and passwords, or worry about missed communication between internal teams. Educators can now register their classes online and the system automatically generates usernames and passwords for each student. Experience Cloud’s tracking ability is an added, powerful benefit that helps the hospital further its mission. Now the team can track all participating schools and the students’ journey through the various courses to learn how they can effectively promote and tailor course offerings.

Real-time analytics for each school that has successfully completed the defibrillator education program and received a special designation is a valuable measureable for success. This information, as well as predetermined key performance indicators for various e-learning programs, gives the team deeper insights into which regions of the United States can benefit from education on health and wellness for children. With this, the hospital can continue to advance its mission of caring for children of all ages.

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