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Our client started as a small family business over 30 years ago to manufacture implant prototypes. They’ve remained focused on improving healthcare through innovative solutions that help surgeons, hospitals, and patients. After several years of growth, they’ve become one of the premier orthopedic implant manufacturers in the world.

Our client was using multiple marketing platforms, including Google Analytics, Marketing Cloud, and a web CMS (Content Management System). As the company grew, stakeholders across the organization became overwhelmed with the shear amount of marketing data. They needed a solution to make their data unified, insightful, and actionable.


Decentralized data, complicated management, and poor reporting


A central system to store, manage, and analyze marketing data


Unified data, robust reporting, and informed business decisions

The Challenge


Like many other medical device companies, our client has loads of data to collect, interpret, and analyze across multiple systems. Let’s be honest – extracting data from a variety of sources is not only time consuming. It’s also not the ideal way to make the data-driven connections needed to drive better decisions.

Decentralized data
Because data was managed across Google Analytics, Marketing Cloud, social media, and the CMS, aggregating the right information for analysis was time consuming

Complicated Management
Without a central platform, managing the relationships between marketing data was overly complicated

Disparate data meant reporting wasn’t fully automated, making it more time consuming to assemble meaningful reports and make metrics-based business decisions

The Solution


Need marketing data to be compiled together? Enter, Datorama.

This data processing and visualization tool allows data from hundreds of different systems to be organized in one place. Once learning about this solution, our client was eager to implement it. They worked with Penrod to implement it in a way that would:

Integrate Data
Centralize campaign data, tools, and reports across every channel to quickly deliver meaningful insights.

Scale With New Marketing Tools
Ensure that newly added marketing tools could be easily aggregated into existing reports.

Allow Custom KPIs
Allow configuration of custom KPIs that are unique to our client’s industry.

With data streams to connect, visuals to be created, and dashboards to be made, Penrod got to work.

Not only was our client able to replicate their previous reporting capabilities, but now they have actionable dashboards consisting of relevant data and visuals in a new centralized place for all of their marketing data needs.

With specific users having access to the system, our client’s marketing team is able to save time every week by not having to go hunting for data, doing calculations and creating reports manually - Datorama does all of this for them!


The Results


The best part about Datorama is that it is flexible. Our client has the ability to add new KPIs, marketing tools, and reports with ease as their business changes and grows.

Want to add in another data stream? No problem. Want to create a new dashboard that shows a specific dataset? No problem. Want to add additional users to the system? No problem. In the world of marketing, the only constant is change.

Luckily, Datorama will be there with our client through every step of the way.

Unified Data

Marketing data was visible in one dashboard

Robust Reporting

Marketing data could be analyzed to enable meaningful decisions

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