Increasing visibility into sales and operational data

Penrod and Starkey were challenged with transitioning their Service teams from a highly customized, heavily integrated system over to Salesforce.


Transitioning their Service teams from a highly customized system


Streamlining the support intake process with Salesforce Service Cloud


Unified access to information across active orders and visibility into both sides of the customer experience

Key Challenge

Penrod and Starkey were challenged with transitioning the Service team from a highly customized system over to Salesforce. Service team members needed access to service, sales, manufacturing, and ERP data stored across disparate systems in a complex global IT infrastructure. Tasks like responding to customer questions, supporting sales inquiries, processing warranty requests, and entering new orders were hindered by information not being available in a central location.

Collaboration between the Sales and Service teams also had the opportunity to be improved. Sales would receive an order, relay the order information to the Service team to enter their system, and both teams could lose visibility throughout the process. With the Sales team already using Salesforce to great effect, creating a 360 view of the customer could finally happen with Service transitioning as well.

Lastly, Penrod and Starkey needed to architect the system for the future growth of the platform. With the understanding that the global sales and service teams would also need to implement this new solution, considerations needed to be made for how the platform would be built and adopted on a global scale.

Key Solution

Partnering with Starkey, and leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud, Penrod was able to assist in transitioning service team members onto Salesforce. Teams were now working in the same system with access to information across active orders, and visibility into both sides of the customer experience.

Streamlining the service team’s intake process allowed Starkey to automatically assign support cases to the right team by case type. Two-way integrations with the manufacturing and ERP systems brought essential device, order, and billing information into Salesforce to the benefit of Service and Sales users, and even sent warranty information back to Oracle. Additional innovations like “one-click” printing of attachments were developed as a quality-of-life enhancement for team members.


The Results

Improved efficiency, increased collaboration, reduced technical debt, and global alignment of support processes. Starkey is able to bring its global operations onto Salesforce in a future phase.

Seamless Collaboration

Sales and Service can work as a team

Simplified security

Users can only access relevant data to their function

A Scalable Platform

Improved efficiency and global alignment of support processes on a modern platform

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