Upgrading to Greatness from Phase 1 to Phase 2

Our client recently completed phase 1 of a portal using Salesforce Experience Cloud. This portal aims to help providers maintain demographic data, access documentation, and request support. The focus of phase 1 was to establish a user-friendly portal to replace Cactus and cater to over 10,000 users.

In phase 2, they searched for a healthcare-focused partner who understood the intricate relationships between payers, providers, and patients. It became evident that Penrod was the ideal partner to implement enhancements that reduce onboarding time, streamline credentialing processes, and improve provider satisfaction scores.


Lack of self-service options, manual tasks, de-centralized knowledge base, and finding a partner who could integrate with existing team


Salesforce managed services focused on automation, visually enhancing layouts, and creating self-service tools


Faster onboarding, streamlined credentialing, and higher satisfaction scores

The Solution

After thoroughly evaluating our client's goals, Penrod suggested and implemented key improvements to the phase 1 portal. In phase 2, Penrod focused on improving visual layouts, automating manual tasks, and improving self-service resources.

User Friendly Layouts

Penrod identified visual enhancements to enhance user experiences on account, contact, service address, and case page layouts. By evaluating the use, importance, and placement of fields in each layout, Penrod successfully refined the visual experience to optimize user-friendliness, functionality, and clarity. This streamlined data entry, making it more efficient and accessible.

Data Entry Enhancements

In Portal Phase 1, numerous fields lacked validation, resulting in data entry errors, especially for phone numbers and fax numbers. These mistakes often cause delays in the credentialing and onboarding process.

To address this, Penrod implemented validation formulas to ensure accuracy when entering phone and fax numbers. Providers who inputted non-conventional numbers were unable to progress to the next step, effectively eliminating data entry errors.

Eliminating Manual Tasks

Penrod suggested implementing a variety of automations to replace manual tasks, enabling employees to concentrate on value-driven activities. The bulk of manual work revolved around eliminating duplicate service addresses and streamlining attestation processes.

Duplicate Service Addresses
As our client used both individual and traditional accounts in Salesforce, the task of identifying and correcting duplicate service addresses demanded a considerable amount of manual labor. By utilizing workflow automations, duplicate addresses could be promptly identified, enabling physicians to associate with a multi-site or multi-physician account accurately without the risk of mis-categorization.

Attestation and Communication Flows
Before Penrod, our client's employees spent considerable time reminding providers to complete tasks during the attestation process. Communication was entirely manual, requiring staff to craft each email and plan every touchpoint. Penrod proposed an automated workflow utilizing pre-designed email templates to proactively prompt providers to submit attestation every ten days. Communications were customized based on the attestation stage, ensuring not only timely reminders but also a focus on the most pertinent tasks.

Providers would be unable to access the portal until attestation was finalized, eliminating the necessity for staff to manually manage portal statuses for each individual applicant.

Creating a Base of Knowledge

Providers were sending support requests for common issues they could probably handle themselves, overwhelming CSRs with avoidable cases. Penrod proposed covering various topics to empower providers with self-service solutions for frequent issues. Furthermore, we arranged articles for internal or external access based on providers' needs before gaining portal access.

Upgrading to Greatness in Phase 2

Our client streamlined the onboarding and credentialing processes, leading to improved provider satisfaction. Moving forward, these improvements showcase our client's commitment to connecting patients, payers, and providers – setting a new benchmark for interactions in the behavioral health industry.

Higher Provider Satisfaction

Less Manual Work

More Accurate Data

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