Transforming THE CALL CENTER

Gilson, a life science company best known for its PIPETMAN pipettes, manufactures and sells lab accessories and lab tech software.

They teamed up with Penrod previously to implement their Salesforce CPQ, and we continued our partnership to build their customer community.


Inefficient processes, manual data entry, and lack of self-service options


Salesforce Experience Cloud implementation that expanded self-service options


Integrated data, faster resolutions, and automated ticketing

The Challenge

Limited Self-Service Options

Gilson’s customers relied on the Gilson customer service team to update personal account information, locate registration instructions, share product information, and access frequently asked questions (FAQs). While committed to providing exceptional customer experience, the team found they were repeatedly answering many of the same questions and thus not working as efficiently as they could.

The Gilson team wanted to enhance the customer experience while increasing efficiency. They sought to achieve this by creating a self-service portal, where customers could login to quickly and easily access information. In addition, Gilson wanted to create an open-access online community that did not require usage licenses, so both existing and potential customers could use it to gather information.

The Solution

Experience Cloud Implementation

Penrod met with Gilson to discuss their goals and review their existing tools and platforms. Because Gilson was already using Salesforce CPQ and Sales Cloud as their main customer relationship management platform with positive results, adding Salesforce Experience Cloud into their existing platform was a logical solution.

Penrod implemented Salesforce Experience Cloud to provide Gilson with the expanded self-serve customer experience they were looking for. By adding this, Gilson customers could easily access knowledge articles, update their information, and contact support.

Additionally, Penrod built a basic customer portal community. Gilson wanted a basic solution, so the Penrod team customized certain features to fit their needs, while keeping the community simple and user friendly. The entire platform and interface is clean, streamlined, and easy for both Gilson’s team and their customers to use.

The new community flows seamlessly with Gilson’s existing experience. Branded templates help keep the look and feel of the organization’s new Community Cloud consistent with their website and other customer touch points.The project implementation was straightforward and quick, yet delivered big wins for the customer service team.


The Results

Improved Efficiency

Today, Gilson’s customers have expanded customer service options. Now they can easily access information they need online, quickly and simply. If they are not able to find an answer or resolve their case in Salesforce Experience Cloud, they still have the option to speak with a customer service representative via phone or email.

Because customers can self-serve to get assistance to many questions, Gilson’s customer service team has more time to focus on complex cases that require more research or one-on-one assistance. As a result of these changes, the team has seen increased efficiency in resolving customer issues and difficult cases. Penrod’s seamless implementation of Salesforce Experience Cloud has resulted in empowered customers, an improved customer experience, and greater efficiencies within Gilson’s customer service team.

Empowered Customers

Online portals help customers solve issues, quickly and simply

Increased Agent Efficiency

Agents have more time to focus on complex cases that require more research

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