Replacing an outdated communications system with a platform built for scalable engagement

Our client is dedicated to providing outstanding care to a diverse community. They focus on connecting with patients and local PCP referral networks to promote their services. To fully embrace this mission in the 21st century, they recognized the need to upgrade their communication system to a state-of-the-art platform that would drive more engagement.


Low conversion rate on wellness campaigns, lack of insights into referral pipeline, and no tangible method to demonstrate ROI on spend


Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Ability to create impactful marketing campaigns that effectively engage both patients and referral networks in order to drive growth and ROI

The Challenge

Creating meaningful healthcare journeys that inspire better health outcomes for the local community

Our client was already using Salesforce web-to-lead forms to generate new patient leads. However, the process of following up after a form fill was entirely manual. Coordinators had to manually identify the form fills and send out introductory emails. When there was no response, they had to send follow-ups, a time-intensive task that lead to in inconsistent results.

That manual process would not scale with our client's goals for growth.

Recognizing the need for an improved process, they sought out Penrod based on our expertise in helping healthcare and life sciences companies refine their patient journeys.

The Solution

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Web-to-Lead Forms

Penrod suggested utilizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud to enhance the client's lead generation process. Not only does Marketing Cloud lay the groundwork for scalable engagement programs, but it also seamlessly integrated into our client's Salesforce web-to-lead forms.

By leveraging the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, our client would be able to automate personalized email campaigns tailored to individual patient interests and behaviors. This would result in more precise messaging and ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate.

After the implementation, the days of manual outreach by coordinators are long gone. Instead, the Marketing Cloud platform triggers a patient journey immediately after form submission, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. In addition, in cases where an introduction email received no timely response, follow-up emails are automatically sent over the course of the subsequent month, maximizing engagement and nurturing potential leads.

By utilizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, our client can revolutionize their patient generation strategy, saving time and resources while achieving exceptional results.

The Results

Scalable patient engagement.

Automated Outreach

Coordinators No Longer Send Manual Emails

Better Conversion Rates

Automated Follow-Up Creates Consistent Experiences

Measurable Results

Patient Engagement can be Tracked and Reported On

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