Modernizing a Digital Marketing Strategy with Segmentation, Targeting, and Personalization

DDAZ is committed to helping their members live healthier lives. To achieve this, they must engage with all the key stakeholders in the member’s healthcare journey, which includes providers, brokers, employers, and, of course, the members themselves.

Recognizing the importance of an effective marketing strategy, they sought to implement communication segmentation based on key personas, demographic, and claims data. This approach would enable personalized experiences, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes.

However, their current email platform lacked the advanced segmentation capabilities necessary to support this strategy.


Lack of data and business intelligence to drive the advanced targeting required for email personalization


Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Data Cloud


Personalized email campaigns for segmented audiences of members

The Challenge

Engaging members, brokers, employers, and providers without business intelligence, segmentation, or personalization

DDAZ previously used a basic email platform to send minimally targeted emails to its stakeholders. This system did not integrate with their data platforms, preventing them from utilizing demographic, firmographic, and claims data for personalization.

Consequently, this impersonal approach hindered their ability to drive the desired engagement. Recognizing the necessity for a data-driven platform, DDAZ turned to Penrod and Salesforce for their expertise in creating engaging technology for healthcare and life sciences companies.

The Solution

Data Segmentation and Automated Marketing Journeys

Penrod suggested utilizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Data Cloud as the framework for an engagement platform to unify data across the tech stack. Marketing Cloud's advanced journey builder would serve as the center of engagement. Data Cloud's integration capabilities would construct targeted personas of each member, broker, and provider based on DDAZ’s robust data sets.

Engagement would occur across three initial journeys focused on new business, lapses in care, and renewals.

Journey 1: Lead Nurturing

Penrod assisted in implementing a prospective new member form on DDAZ’s marketing landing page. Once filled out, this form triggered a lead nurturing journey to encourage registrants to complete the enrollment process.

This removed the necessity for manual outreach and established an automated lead generation channel, improving efficiency and creating new member engagement.

Journey 2: Lapses in Care

Penrod developed a comprehensive member journey strategy to re-engage members who had not visited the dentist recently. This proactive approach involved utilizing historical claims data to identify and engage members who had not seen a dentist in the past twelve months.

Journey 3: Member Renewals

Penrod also built a journey that included targeted outreach to members whose policies were approaching expiration. This allowed DDAZ to remind them renewal was approaching and cross-sell their vision offering.

By utilizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, DDAZ transformed its member engagement strategy, saving time and resources while achieving exceptional results.

The Results

Personalized and Targeted Engagement

The seamless integration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Data Cloud empowered DDAZ with the robust business intelligence and versatile marketing platform needed to effectively segment, personalize, and engage with their members, brokers, and providers.

By utilizing this integrated solution, they gained a comprehensive insight into their audiences and improved their capacity to execute precise and influential marketing campaigns. This has led to engaging relationships that support their mission to deliver better health outcomes.

Business Intelligence

Data Cloud unifies claims, firmographics, and demographic data

Automated Journeys

Marketing Cloud enables robust member journeys triggered by specific events

Better Health Outcomes

Engagement encourages healthy behaviors and access to care

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