Leveraging automated engagement for scalable growth

Our client aims to increase the quality, safety, and availability of transfusable blood components.

They partner with hospital systems to help meet the transfusion needs of their patients.

They plan to expand their services across multiple locations but need a way to scale their communication and engagement in a way that could match their growth goals.


Replacing their rigid templates with a flexible omni-channel donor engagement platform


The right message at the right time, on the right channel


Improved efficiency, higher donation and retention rates, freedom to scale

The Challenge

Creating an omnichannel donor management system

Previously, our client used standard Salesforce functionality and basic email templates that lacked the flexibility they needed. While they had some basic automation, most of the legwork was done through manual outreach and phone calls.

All of these manual processes made it difficult (aside from the inherent inability to scale effectively) to track where donors were in the donation process, who had fallen out of the donation cycle, and who never got started in the first place.

Our client wanted to guide potential candidates through their intake and donation processes with as many automated digital touches as possible to reduce the number of phone calls and manual follow-ups needed to get people through, track their progress, encourage them to keep donating, and recapture lapsed donors if they fall out of the process.


The Solution

The Right Message at the Right Time through the Right Channel

Using the power of Marketing Cloud, our client was able to capture and nuture candidates for blood donation and set them on a tailored journey regardless of where they were in the process.

We worked together to create a platform that would proactively engage donors with the right message at the right time. When a donation candidate interacted with our client via their online form, Facebook page, or call into their intake team, they were able to immediately enter those candidates into a "Welcome Journey" that encourages people to schedule a pre-screening appointment, follow up with eligibility, and become a qualified donor.

If at any point a candidate dropped off, they would be moved into a separate omni-channel journey that encourages them to either continue the intake process, or rejoin the donation cycle.


The Results

Improved efficiency, Higher donation and retention rates, Freedom to scale

As a result of Penrod's Marketing Cloud implementation, our client has a number of immediate benefits.

They are able to communicate with donors in the method they prefer be it email, SMS, or on the phone, and still deliver a consistent experience.

They have the ability to track those who have donated or engaged with them in the past and increase retention by implementing automated communication that encourages them to return. Further - if someone drops out of the intake or donation cycle, they now have automated outreach to recapture lost donors

Most importantly, they have taken another step towards scalability. They currently have one donation center, but plan to extend their services to multiple locations. With Salesforce Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud they have a flexible platform that will help enable their mission and expand their reach.

Improved Intake Efficiency

Patients are now onboarded significantly faster


Higher overall donation numbers though repeat donor retention, and recapture of lapsed donors


Improved automation processes means donor interactions can be personalized and automated at scale

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