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Our client is a leading health insurance company focused on telemedicine, transparent health expenses, and healthcare-focused technology interfaces.

They pride themselves as a patient-focused health insurance company. Employees strive to center their efforts around patient needs, engage members in their healthcare journey, and guide them to the right care.

As a result of their exceptional service, the company experienced tremendous growth. Without an automated engagement platform, the company was at risk of losing its patient-centered edge.


Manual engagement tactics put the company at risk of losing its member-centered mission


An automated member engagement platform built with Pardot


Better patient experience, automated engagement, and enhanced collaboration

The Challenge


As their services became more popular, the health plan experienced rapid growth. Maintaining their member-centric approach was becoming more and more unsustainable with each new member.

Without a solution, our client risked losing their key service differentiator.


The Solution

SalesFORCE Pardot for Automated Engagement

The health plan needed a robust marketing tool in order to engage with patients quickly and efficiently. In addition, they wanted to automate emails and robust nurture programs to give patient experiences a personal touch.

Furthermore, it was vital that campaign success could be measured with a powerful analytics engine.

Penrod carefully reviewed the client’s current email platform and processes, then discussed future goals and needs with the team. Armed with this research, Penrod implemented Pardot, Salesforce’s powerful email automation solution.


The Results

Relevant, Timely, Targeted Emails

Using Pardot, our client automates communications to targeted populations using powerful segmentation tools. Thanks to Pardot’s dynamic content capabilities, their team can personalize communications to each member based on multiple demographics, increasing open and click-through rates.

With Pardot’s powerful analytics and ROI reporting, the team can also measure the success of campaigns, allowing them to boost engagement.

Today, our client is actively using Pardot to increase engagement and grow their business...and because the platform is scalable, the team is now fully prepared to bring on more and more patients sustainably.

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