Automating Marketing Activities to Support Mental Health Excellence

Our client operates on a partnership model, leveraging local community health partners as satellite locations. While these partnerships broaden access to care, they carry two major disadvantages. First, there are brand disparities between our client and the providing partner. Second, they relied on partners to send patient communications..

Recognizing the significant challenges posed by manual tasks and reliance on partners, our client identified the pressing need to enhance patient engagement and fully own the patient journey. This led to the strategic decision to implement a robust marketing automation platform, a move that was instrumental in ensuring a consistent and effective patient experience.


Lack of automation and a reliance on partners to execute post-appointment communications


Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Ownership of the patient journey, improved patient engagement, robust reporting, and enhanced regulatory compliance

The Challenge

Relying on Partner Clinics to Send Essential Post-Treatment Communications

Our client’s current email tool was unsuitable for a scalable, robust communication strategy rooted in personalization, timeliness, and continuous improvement.

Unreliable Partner-Driven Communications
Our client couldn’t own its brand or the patient journey without a marketing automation platform. Tasks such as sending essential post-treatment communications relied entirely on the front desk administrators at their partner clinics.

Reliance on human-driven activity without accountability cased several issues.

For instance, post-appointment surveys weren't automated and often went unsent.

Our client needed to generate a survey link, email the link to the clinic, and then hope that the clinic would send it to the patient in a timely manner. This manual process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, creating a burden for our client. The implementation of the Marketing Cloud platform has relieved them from this burden, paving the way for a more efficient and effective future.

Not surprisingly, this resulted in late delivery – or no delivery at all. Responses in these surveys are vital for accessing patients and refining upcoming treatment, so incomplete surveys pose serious risks to the quality of care.

Disparate Reporting
Because manual tasks drove the patient journey, our client could not track the efficacy of post-treatment communications, particularly surveys. This blind spot meant they didn’t know if surveys were sent, when they were received, or if they were even accessed.

A disparate system, siloed from the rest of our client’s tech stack, stored completed survey responses. As a result, this essential data couldn’t be easily paired with clinical, demographic, and marketing data to create the 360-degree patient profiles our client needed to continuously refine care.

Regulatory Issues
Additionally, our client’s current email tool wasn’t fully HIPAA-compliant. Using it for anything related to patient communications introduced unacceptable regulatory risk,s so it was nearly completely unutilized.

The Solution

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Penrod proposed Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a comprehensive solution that would empower our client to take full control of their brand, post-appointment communications, and the patient journey. The platform's capabilities would enable the creation of scalable engagement programs and seamless integration with various tech stack platforms, including EHRs, websites, and clinical form tools.

Self-Driven and Automated Communications
The days of relying on partners to manually send survey links are gone. Marketing Cloud triggers surveys immediately after treatment, ultimately leading to a higher completion rate.

Robust Reporting
With the implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, our client has gained robust reporting capabilities that provide insights into every patient's journey. This has allowed them to adjust care in real time, identify engagement gaps, and ultimately enhance the quality of their behavioral health services.

HIPAA Compliance
Thanks to Penrod’s healthcare expertise, our client’s Marketing Cloud platform was built from the ground up with the roles, profiles, and security measures to fully comply with the requirements of HIPAA. Additionally, Penrod’s enablement materials ensure that our client’s users can leverage the platform in a compliant manner on an ongoing basis.

Future-Proofed for Scalability

Beyond patient communications, our client has an exciting roadmap for Marketing Cloud. The platform’s scalability, and Penrod’s best-practice implementation, means its a solid foundation to accelerate fundraising, personalize communications, segment patients, and build national ad campaigns sure to exceed patient acquisition goals – setting the stage for our client to tear down even more barriers to mental health care.

The Results

Essential Communications, Delivered

Enhanced Patient Journey

Thanks to automated patient journeys, essential communications are delivered at the right time

Robust Reporting

Every communication metric gives visibility into patient engagement, creating more robust patient profiles than ever

HIPAA-Compliant Communications

Marketing Cloud’s configurability, security, and governance allow it to comply with healthcare regulations

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