Relying on Penrod to Grow with Salesforce

Our client is an international medical device company that manufactures lab accessories and lab tech software.

The managed services relationship began with a challenge our client was facing...they wanted to enhance their customer experience while increasing efficiency. They sought to achieve this by creating a self-service portal, where customers could login to quickly and easily access information. In addition, they wanted to create an open-access online community that did not require usage licenses, so both existing and potential customers could use it to gather information.

Penrod built trust during this initial project – and became a trusted, ongoing advisor for all things Salesforce.


Maintaining, optimizing, and improving their Salesforce org with just an internal team


Utilizing Penrod's Managed Services to tackle new projects, maintain platforms, and extend the capabilities of their internal team


A legacy of successful improvements, efficiency, and return on investment

The Challenge

Extending the capabilities of an internal Salesforce team

After a successful implementation of Experience Cloud, or client was faced with a would they continue to achieve excellence on the Salesforce platform?

Due to the trust earned during the implementation, our client decided to enroll in Penrod's Managed Services plan for ongoing Salesforce support.

Penrod became a trusted Salesforce managed services partner, aiding our client in Salesforce projects and enhancing their understanding of the platform.

One key highlight of this partnership is Penrod's ability to provide seamless support, ensuring a smooth transition even when resources change. The company also highly values Penrod's efficient project management process, which keeps them informed every step of the way.

In collaboration with Penrod, the medical device company successfully tackled several impactful projects. First, they seamlessly transitioned to Salesforce Lightning, unlocking enhanced user experiences and increased productivity. Additionally, Penrod helped optimize their quoting processes, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

Lastly, the implementation of Slack provided a centralized communication platform, fostering collaboration and boosting team efficiency.

Through their unwavering support and expertise, Penrod Managed Services has proven to be an invaluable asset to the medical device company, helping them thrive in their Salesforce journey and achieve their business objectives.

The Results

Ongoing Salesforce excellence.

As a result of Penrod's Managed Services, our client saw a number of immediate improvements.

Seamless Salesforce Support

Consistent service with no disruptions due to internal attrition

A Focused Approach

Our client could focus on their business due Penrod's focus on Salesforce excellence

Unprecedented ROI

Key stakeholders and leadership are empowered to focus on business-related priorities

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