Understanding the Landscape

Our client’s patient portal is more than a website. It's the primary engagement point with parents and their children. To help busy parents access care for their kids more conveniently, they uncovered three aspects of the portal needing enhancement:

  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Security


Continually improving a patient portal with accessibility enhancements and security audits


Ongoing managed services with a healthcare technology expert


Convenient patient registration, intuitive appointment scheduling, and fortified security

Partnering with Penrod for the Perfect Portal

With a shared vision for delivering parents exceptionally convenient experiences, we partnered to build a better pediatric healthcare portal in an ongoing Salesforce managed services relationship.

Let’s take a look at the enhancements below. 

Patient Registration Built for Busy Families

Penrod developed a more intuitive patient registration system that accommodated complex family structures. Thanks to an updated object model and upgraded forms, parents with multiple children could now easily add family members from a single interface. 

While this tweak may seem minor, it simplified a previously convoluted process – and parents were able to enroll for care with preferred physicians and specific office locations.

Patient Scheduling 

Appointment scheduling is a primary feature of any healthcare portal, but our client wanted to raise the bar. Penrod worked to refine look-ahead functions in Experience Cloud, enabling parents to book appointments that fit their busy schedules more quickly. 

Additionally, Penrod's team configured field formulas that notified parents when their child was due for a checkup or immunization, eliminating the need to track these manually.

Fortifying Security

In healthcare, data breaches and cyber threats are always around the corner. Penrod instituted consistent security audits to maintain the safety of forms, processes, message centers, and portal pages. 

This rigorous approach assured our client’s patients that the portal was a safe way to manage healthcare services for their families.

The End Result: A Healthier Portal, A Healthier Practice

Our client’s portal has emerged as a best-in-class example of what healthcare portals can be. The collaboration between Penrod and our client is a testament to the power of digital transformation in healthcare. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a user-centric approach, the most essential aspects of patient care can be elevated. Every tweak, every update, and every consideration made in enhancing the patient portal served to reinforce our client's commitment to care, underscoring a simple yet profound truth — in revolutionizing the digital experience, we're ultimately revolutionizing patient care.

Convenient Patient Registration

Seamless Patient Scheduling

Fortified Security

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