Collaborative care plans that help patients along their healthcare journey.

Patients with complex medical conditions require interactions with multiple care providers, pharmacies, labs, and other facilities. Positive healthcare outcomes are dependent on how seamlessly care is provided across these touchpoints.


Providing consistent, appropriate care across multiple healthcare touchpoints


A unified platform that provides care team members a real-time view into patient care plans, medical records, and communications


Consistent care, improved patient satisfaction, and better health outcomes

Solving the Use Case


With the right configuration, Salesforce Health Cloud is an ideal portal platform for creating coordinated action plans that improve patient health. Whether its scheduling preventative care, managing chronic conditions, or making wellness suggestions, Health Cloud has your care team covered.

Solving this use case starts with creating personas, permissions, and roles in Health Cloud. For the most part, these roles are created to fulfill the requirements of a clinical team members across multiple providers. These include:

Permissions are granted based on a provider's internal governance needs, and HIPAA requirements. Typically, those with a need (and the legal right) for admin access are given the following privileges:

Constructing the Care Plan

Health Cloud's robust object model allows us to customize the core components of a care plan. At a minimum, these objects include:

Care Plan Templates

Care plans will vary depending on the type of clinic or provider using Salesforce Health Cloud. To ensure consistency across patient care, we recommend creating Care Plan Templates. Templates are a blueprint that ensure successful care plans can be reused across patient populations.

Regardless of the customer, we typically configure templates with two core components: benefits and goals.

Goals are structured based on the care timeline. Top level goals are created to define the intended healthcare outcome, and intermediate goals track milestones along the way. For instance, a top line goal of reducing blood pressure could have several milestones along the way, including dietary changes, starting a medication, or making lifestyle changes.

Benefits shows which services are available to help patients reach their top-level and intermediate goals. For instance, a patient seeking to improve mental health may be eligible for counseling or other mental health services. Additional settings allow benefits to be limited by date range, dollar amount, or frequency.

Structured Care Plans

By structuring reusable care plan templates along with assigned care team members, patient cases, case details, tasks, milestones, and benefits, Health Cloud is an ideal platform for improving patient health with coordinated care plans.

Consistent Care

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Better Health Outcomes

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