Clinical trial management starts and ends with Salesforce.

Life sciences companies usually have two options when it comes to clinical trial management – outsource the entire process, or implement an internal clinical trial function. While outsourcing has several advantages, life sciences companies who need to retain strict control over data and patient interactions can not successfully outsource.

As a result, they look to cloud-based clinical management platforms that quicken patient intake, increase satisfaction, and improve efficiency.


Aligning data and processes during patient onboarding, site management, and support


A single cloud-based platform built on the power of Salesforce Health Cloud


Faster patient intake, higher patient satisfaction, regulatory compliance, faster time-to-commercialization

Solving the Use Case


With the right configuration, Salesforce Health Cloud can be configured to handle every aspect of clinical trial management. Whether it's finding ideal participants from defined populations, onboarding patients, or managing support cases, Salesforce has clinical teams covered.

Solving this use case begins with defining users by setting personas, permissions, and roles in Health Cloud. These roles are created to fulfill the requirements of clinical teams across multiple trial sites. These include:

Clinical Trial Data Model

Each life sciences company has unique challenges when managing a clinical trial. As a result, the object model will vary from platform to platform. In the most basic implementation, we create a data structure to represent the relationships between clinical trials, trial locations, health conditions, and patients. The simplest object model we configure includes:

Streamlined Clinical Processes

We streamline processes across a lightning flow for each object model. Usually, we configure the Clinical Trial flow first. The flows will differ based on whether they represent pre-clinical, post-clinical, or active trials. Here's an example of the active clinical trial flow:


Collaboration across clinical staff, business analysis, communications, compliance, and intake teams is incredibly important to running an efficient trial. Salesforce Health Cloud has some out-of-the-box components that can streamline the way teams work together. Chatter ensures that individuals can easily communicate on each object, including trials, sites, and patients. This allows interactions to be highly visible amongst key stakeholders.

Additional configurations with Slack and email ensure that more targeted messages are available.

Patient Experience

An external portal built in Salesforce Experience Cloud allows patients to search for clinical trials by condition, location, and other criteria. The Experience Cloud site displays data from Health Cloud in real-time, giving patients up-to-date information about clinical trials that may interest them. Each individual trial has on-demand, pre-screening, and registration forms which quicken patient enrollment, and reduces the amount of patients who are rejected on site.

Additional workflows provide consistent experiences at every phase, keeping them engaged and reducing patient leakage over the course of the trial.


We configure a variety of platform, application, network, and infrastructure controls for security and compliance.

Salesforce Shield provides platform encryption, event monitoring, and field audit trails

Application Services
Single Sign On, Two-factor authentication, user roles and permissions, and field security

Network Services
Encryption, threat detection, firewalls, and IP restrictions

Infrastructure Services
Backup, disaster recovery, third-party certifications, and audits

Faster Patient Recruitment

Streamlined Trial Processes

Faster Commercialization

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