Make Match Exceptions the Exception to the Rule with Salesforce

Navigating the complexities of today's healthcare supply chain demands more than just incremental improvements – it requires a complete disruption to the status quo.

When suppliers ship medical items, invoices often exceed pricing on the purchase order by up to 170%. Managing these match exceptions is time consuming, inconsistent, and requires hours of manual work. As a result, many match exceptions aren't rectified – and they cost providers millions in revenue every year. But there’s a better way with Salesforce.


Resolving overcharges caused by discrepancies between purchase orders, invoices, and receipts


Workflows powered by artificial intelligence that discover, escalate, and resolve match exceptions


Lower match exception volume, reduced match exception rate, and increased revenue

Solving the Use Case


Salesforce Service Cloud is an ideal platform for general supply chain management. With configuration, Service Cloud's artificial intelligence, declarative workflows, and queue management capabilities can be leveraged to diagnose, trigger workflows, and automate case closure on match exceptions.

Solving this use case starts with creating personas, permissions, and roles in Service Cloud. For the most part, these roles are created to fulfill the requirements of tactical teams and their managers. These include:

Match Exception Lifecycle Management

Service Cloud's Lightning Flow allows us to configure a workflow of stages that ensure faster resolution. First, we create a case object that stores a variety of data points about each match exception. Data points are flexible, but could include dates, exception type, supplier name, purchase order, receipt, invoice, and more.

In the Lightning Flow, we create a variety of stages. At a minimum, this flow includes:

These stages can be configured with their own instructions, layouts, fields, and more to ensure all details about the match exception are captured.

Match Exception Identification

We configure a flow in Service Cloud that constantly monitors purchase orders, invoices, and receipts. When exceptions between these three data points are discovered, we leverage the case object in Service Cloud to automatically start the resolution process. This means that match exceptions no longer need to be manually identified.

Automated Match Exception Case Assignment

Once a match exception is identified, cases are added to queues for resolution. Assignment is automated by a process that analyzes case type and workload to ensure cases are handled by the resources best equipped to resolve them. Managers have high-level visibility over each clerk's queue, ensuring that bottlenecks can be resolved in real time.

Automated Engagement

Once assigned, internal and external communications related to resolving the match exception can be automated with Service Cloud flows. Templated emails are configured to reduce response time for each stage in the resolution lifecycle. By leveraging EPR data, each email includes a call to action that aims to lower response time.

Standard Reports

In order to enable supply chain, clinical, and financial leadership with the right data to drive better decisions, we configure a standard dashboard that contains:

This dashboard helps stakeholders across procurement, finance, and administration gain visibility into the process, empowering them to continue implementing polices that lower match exceptions.

Reduce Match Exceptions

Automated identification, assignment, and closure ensures match exceptions are resolved

Reduce Overcharges

Automated overcharge discovery ensures purchase order pricing is honored

Improve Regulatory Compliance

Retain all of your most important data in a centralized record-of-truth

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