Streamlining the provider acquisition process with digital transformation

By streamlining the provider acquisition process, providers can effectively increase their patient base, attract more individuals seeking care, and ultimately boost revenue.


Eliminating spreadsheets, paper forms, and fax-based recruitment tactics for provider discovery and prospecting


An intake solution that integrates an NPI search component, contracting, and recruitment in one platform


Streamlined recruitment process, less manual work, and faster time-to-revenue

Solving the Use Case


There are a variety of requirements to solve this use case. All of them point back towards the business goals of different personas across hospitals, clinics, and provider referral networks. At the highest level, provider recruitment platforms need to:

Additionally, we need to configure two basic permission sets:

Let's address how we solve each of these requirements.

Meeting the Requirements

Salesforce's customizable object model, robust partner network, and flexibility makes it possible to meet all of these requirements.

Discovering Providers

Before onboarding begins, providers need to find relevant physicians that will provide the best referral opportunities. One of the best ways to do this is through the publicly available NPI database.

Penrod built a native lightning component that puts a real-time NPI search tool directly in the Salesforce interface.

This allows users to prospect with the NPI registry. Prospects can be searched by name, taxonomy, NPI number, and location – and then be directly added into Salesforce campaigns as leads or contacts.

Recruitment Path
In order to create guided experiences for provider recruiters, we create a lightning path with the following stages:

Lightning Flow for Provider Recruitment

Automating Contracting

For contracting, we typically rely on Salesforce's Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). When configured correctly, it minimizes the manual administrative tasks associated with contract generation, negotiation, and execution.

There are a variety of third-party add ons that provide even more robust features. One of our favorites is Conga Contracts. With Conga, we create templates that allow for customization based on provider-specific data. Additionally, contracts are centralized in one location, making it easier for everyone to collaborate in real-time.

Additionally, we utilize Salesforce's declarative workflows to ensure contracts are automatically created and distributed at exactly the right time. Additionally, once contracting is complete, we can trigger flows to begin credentialing, privileging, and enrollment.

Streamlined Intake

Improve provider experiences with digital forms

Increased Provider Volume

Accelerate prospect generation with omni-channel campaigns

Actionable Insights

Identify the Most Effective Recruitment Strategies

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