Improve Satisfaction Scores

Immediately route patients to the right agent, identify coaching opportunities, and reduce on-hold times

Grow Provider Relationships

Build trust and loyalty with providers by becoming a reliable, efficient, on-demand source of information

Reduce Call Center Operational Costs

Leverage a single platform to shorten call times, reduce administrative overhead, and cut license costs

Personalize Patient Support

Provides agents with a 360° view of every patient they can leverage to improve interactions

Tiered Support Routing

Only leverage highly trained staff when they're needed

Benchmark & Reach KPIs

Measure actual performance against your goals in real-time, develop coaching opportunities, and predict call volume

The Use Case

A Service Platform that delights patients, engages providers, and unifies data

The data is clear - patient and provider expectations for support are growing exponentially. Support needs to be convenient, seamless, and available across multiple channels.

If your call center relies on manual agent processes, disparate systems, a network of direct dial numbers, even small amounts of call volume can lead to poor patient and agent experiences. Furthermore, managers can't begin to resolve issues, predict volume, or coach agents because data cannot be easily reported on.

Bottlenecks, Poor Experiences, and Revenue Loss

Many pharmaceutical companies have tried to assemble an array of disparate systems to solve their call center challenges. However, the challenges created by routing bottlenecks, manual data entry, and siloed systems is a problem in itself.

Pharma Call Center

In order to serve patients and providers in a rapidly changing ecosystem, pharmaceutical companies need a unified platform built with scalability, security, and compliance in mind. In this use case, Penrod pairs Salesforce Health Cloud with Vonage Contact Center for an integrated, robust support platform.

Pharma Call Center

Salesforce Health Cloud provides a robust system of record, and Vonage Contact Center adds a powerful, omni-channel system of engagement.

This means that the following types of engagements are immediately available in Health Cloud.

Breaking Down the Components

Salesforce Health Cloud

Health Cloud is a unified platform for patient data, engagement, and analytics. It allows your representatives to view 360-degree insights of patients, in real-time, as they call in for support. This allows personalized interactions that deliver the right care, at the right time - based on patient history, preferences, and demographic details.

In a virtual call center use case, Health Cloud becomes even more powerful when integrated with other systems. For instance, relevant EHR data can be utilized to provide a more robust patient view.

All together, every support interaction is transformed from a liability to an opportunity to improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

Vonage Contact Center

Vonage Contact Center is an omni-channel support integration that brings a robust contact center into Salesforce Health Cloud. This means that routing, dialing, coaching, and analytics can be intelligently applied through the data in your system. Vonage contact center is present throughout your Salesforce instance - meaning that it can be applied to a variety of patient, provider, and case objects.

Putting it all together

Health Cloud, Vonage, and Penrod

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