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Drive better coverage for your members and improve health outcomes with Penrod's provider relationship management accelerator – powered by Salesforce Health Cloud.

Penrod's accelerator is the only platform you need to capture, onboard, and delight your providers.

Let's start with capture. Create new leads without manual data entry through web-based forms that empower providers to apply securely.

Then go from capture to close faster than ever with targeted omni-channel engagement.

Each passing day means money out the window. Accelerate time to revenue by simplifying credentialing, certification, validation, and contracting.

Guided workflows ensure exceptional, faster experiences for providers and your agents.

Then earn loyalty on the foundation of exceptional provider experiences. The provider relationship management accelerator keeps provider data accurate, automates practical tasks, and delivers insights to improve your business.

Penrod's provider relationship management accelerator is the only tool you need to capture provider leads, onboard new providers, and delight them in the process to drive better coverage and improve health outcomes for your members.

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