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Accelerate the sales cycle and discover new insights that improve your business with Penrod's group and individual sales accelerator, powered by Salesforce Health Cloud.

It's the only solution you need to capture employers, individuals, and brokers; close more new business; and delight your employer groups and members.

Empower your agents to create new leads in an easy-to-use interface. Leads can be easily tracked by type and acquisition channel. Then go from capture to close faster than ever with targeted omni-channel campaigns over email, phone, and in-person meetings.

Accelerate time to revenue by simplifying quoting, negotiation, and contracting.

As open enrollment approaches, each passing day in the sales cycle could jeopardize the deal.

Guided workflows and automated processes accelerate the sales cycle by ensuring more closed business. Discover new insights with easy to read dashboards that track your most important KPIs. The group and individual sales accelerator keeps data accurate, automates practical tasks that generate more renewals, and delivers insights that improve your sales tactics.

Penrod's solution is the only thing you need to capture employer groups and individuals, close more new business, delight your employer groups and members, accelerate the sales cycle, and discover new insights.