Video Transcription

In Salesforce Health Cloud great power comes with great configurability.

Health Cloud's flexibility can get overwhelming. After all, the platform can be utilized to solve a nearly unlimited amount of use cases, so it's easy to get lost in the possibilities.

But not anymore. Solve healthcare's digital transformation challenges with Penrod Foundations for Health Cloud. It's a pre-configured health Cloud instance with a fully configured data model, a user interface tailored to healthcare workflows, and and enhanced patient 360.

Foundations condenses the best practices learned over a decade of healthcare consulting into a library of pre-built components including provider relationship management, patient acquisition, provider acquisitions, chronic care management, credentialing, referral management, pre-surgical workflows, and contracting. See all the use cases at

Stay tuned as we launch even more this year and discover how to drive digital transformation that scales with your organization. Penrod Foundations – built for Salesforce Health cloud.