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Salesforce Winter ’20: What We’re Excited About

Three times a year, Salesforce releases a bevvy of new features for its expansive platform. Penrod reviewed the latest and greatest from Salesforce and is pleased to offer our favorite picks from the Winter ‘20 release.

While some people dread the word “winter” and the things it brings (snow and cold, anyone?), Salesforce always brings something hot and with its recent winter release, they did not disappoint! The release includes expanded features across mobile, industry solutions, and AI, and covers all clouds including Sales, Marketing, Community, and more. 

Penrod took a deep dive into all the new Salesforce Winter ‘20 releases and selected a few features we’re excited to share with our clients. We’re especially interested in the Health Cloud enhancements, including:

  • Einstein Analytics for Healthcare
  • Provider Relationship Management
  • Life Sciences Program Management Enhancements

Einstein Analytics for Healthcare

One of the most common challenges healthcare providers experience is patient compliance: getting patients to follow their care plan and avoid readmissions. With Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics for Healthcare, providers, care coordinators, and referral managers can quickly obtain key insights and metrics about their patient population. It offers you AI-powered insights for both providers and payers, as well as pre-built templates to give you predictions and recommendations faster.

The app’s dashboard allows Salesforce Health Cloud users to gain actionable insights and help address patient’s needs. With this information, providers can help prevent avoidable admissions. Utilization managers can use the insights to decrease cycle time, increase approvals, and NPS or net promoter scores. 

The tool is also great for referral coordinators. Because it offers patient referral management insights, coordinators can use it to understand referral sources, see which ones are underperforming, and work to increase patient conversions. It’s a great way to get an overall view of your patient, as well as drill down for specific insights to help patients in the areas they most need it.

Track Provider Relationships with a Verified Provider Directory

In the past, information regarding the healthcare providers who deliver care and services to your patients and insurance plan members was limited. With the provider data model in the Winter ‘20 release, you can now track relationships with individual providers in your own verified provider directory. 

With this innovation, you can strengthen provider relationships and obtain a comprehensive view of your network in one place. This can also help you improve provider-centered processes like physician search, onboarding, and management.

You can easily import provider data using the provider data model. Then, you can create an international card for each one, which allows you to centralize your interactions with each provider.

This relationship management is crucial to a variety of areas of healthcare. The directory can help insurance organizations engage physicians to help improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care. It can help provider organizations connect to partner providers allowing you to ensure your patients are getting the care they need. It can also help you drive referrals to your own services, so patients can stay in one continuum of care. And for life sciences organizations, the directory can help you work closely with physicians to understand, identify, and deliver the devices, medications, and services they need.

Easily Enroll Patient in Wellness Programs and Capture Their Consent

For many patients, the most difficult step to beginning a health or wellness program is often the first step: registering. They may often dread making the call or registering online, fearing there will be paperwork and hassle. 

The new Winter ‘20 update update lifts this burden on patients and maximizes the impact of your life sciences care programs and patient services by streamlining processes such as registration. Using Flow Designer, you can configure the Program Enrollment flow template. You’ll be able to define programs, management relationships, and create a guided enrollment process for your users. 

Penrod can help you create a program enrollment flow that meets most use cases. Then, using this model, we can customize it for a variety of enrollment programs, saving you time. Agents will also be able to upload authorization forms and consent documents for wellness programs and then associate them with a care program. 

Call center agents are also given a guided enrollment process so when a patient calls in, the agent can enroll them in the appropriate program, such as a nutrition class or  employer-sponsored wellness program. It’s streamlined service from start to finish.

Helping You Stay Compliant

Tired of having patient consent forms separate from other documents? This updated feature increases efficiency by allowing you to capture eSignatures and easily manage authorization and consent forms. It also meets patients where they are. They can easily provide consent in person using a tablet or mobile device, so their signature is captured immediately. If they aren’t physically present to sign, they can provide consent by logging into their community, viewing, and providing consent via the forms associated with the program. Simple, efficient, and ingenious.

Winter is heating up

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