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Why I Work at Penrod — Saul

I came to Penrod because it’s a place where employees are fulfilled, valued, and motivated.

I work at Penrod because we’re a family. Helping others is at the core of what we do. When you love the people you work with, the work is more engaging, meetings are more thoughtful, and innovation happens. I see this at Penrod every day.



Because of that, personal development happens at a rapid pace here. I’m given the opportunity and resources to be the best at what I do. We all share our time and knowledge with each other, and we all grow together.

I work at Penrod because we have clients that want to be challenged. They strive for continuous improvement, and want better experiences for their employees and customers. We’re motivated by our clients goals and we believe that our people, product, and process can truly make a difference for them.

At Penrod, I’m trusted to make decisions, and encouraged to integrate my personal life into the company culture. No one minds my singing and dancing in the middle of the day. No one minds me throwing high-fives around the office. No one minds that I abuse the free pizza privileges in the kitchen.

Really, I work at Penrod because I get to be myself.



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