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A Day in the Life of Anne Moore, Salesforce Consultant

Gold-star listener, top-tier problem-solver, single source of hilarity: Meet Anne Moore, Sr. Salesforce Consultant.

At Penrod, Anne’s job is to take the client’s needs and wants and transform those into a solution in Salesforce.

“My purpose is to create a solution that helps the client get what they want out of Salesforce but also using Salesforce best practices to ensure the solution designed is the best option for current status, but also future growth,” she says. “I am here to be their expert on the platform so they don’t have to dedicate technical resources internally to learning a new system. Whatever a client can think of, we can find a way to create the best user experience while sticking to the goals of the project.”

Week-to-week, this might look different depending on which milestone phase each specific client is currently in. Some weeks are full of client meetings, talking through their processes to determine how to document requirements for their project.

Other weeks, Anne spends her time building out some of those requirements in their sandbox, preparing for a demo at the end of the week. She also works internally with Penrod to ensure the project team is each working to resolve any questions the team has on the design, or planning out the next few weeks of work to meet deadlines.

So, let’s zero in on that a bit: what does a day in the life look like for someone like Anne?

She says: “Similar to my typical work week, my day can vary! After we have outlined as a project team our tasks for the week, I will plan my week around any meetings I have, making sure I have time to finish the tasks I have to do that week. I will look at my calendar, block periods of my day for focus time so that I can be heads down on development or documentation. If something pops up on that day that I wasn’t expecting, I will communicate with the project team to ensure expectations are clear on what I can complete in a given day.”

She navigates challenges, too. There are times when what a consultant envisions as a wonderful solution simply doesn’t meet the needs of the client.

“This has taught me to stick with it even when it’s not easy. Offering alternative options as solutions for our clients can take a challenging situation and show the client that we are not just a vendor for them but we are their biggest champions,” Anne says.

Beyond her own sense of grit, she gets through these challenges by keeping front of mind the things she loves about Penrod. We asked her, “What’s the best part of working at Penrod?”

Anne says: “If you read any of our bios in the People section of our site, you’ll see the same answer for this question over and over. The people. The culture at Penrod is what makes us so special. There are true friendships here. We bond over stressful moments. The people at Penrod are the bee’s knees.”

And she is certainly one of those people that makes it such a special place to be. But what does a day in the life look like outside of work for Anne Moore? We’ve got the scoop.

We asked her to share an interesting story:

“You know those moving walkways at airports to help you get places more quickly? On one of my travels to Milwaukee for a company meeting, I had a connecting flight. After hopping off my first flight, I took the moving walkway to scoot over to the next terminal. Little did I know, my shoe had come untied. As I attempted to exit the moving walkway, my shoelace got eaten at the end, and down I went, in the middle of a busy airport. So there I sat, on the floor of the airport trying to understand what just happened and laughing hysterically, one shoe on and the other stuck in the walkway. Now I will only wear laceless shoes while traveling. I am always learning new things at Penrod, even when has nothing to do with work!”

She does have successful travel stories as well, though.

“On a recent trip with my husband to Louisville, Kentucky, we stopped at the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest where they have Forest Giants, seen here.”

We’re so glad you’re here, Anne! Thanks for being you 🍻

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