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A Day in the Life of Chris Wiemer, Salesforce Developer

Code connoisseur and unofficial Penrod Gen Z representative: Meet Chris Wiemer, Salesforce Developer.


Here at Penrod, our Consultants transform Salesforce to fulfill client needs; however, Salesforce doesn’t always have an out-of-the-box solution for what’s needed. That’s where people like Chris come in.

Chris helps fill in the gaps to make sure that Salesforce is doing what we need it to do. He also helps troubleshoot and fix problems which are hard to diagnose without understanding what’s happening behind the scenes.

“I really enjoy having so many opportunities to help people. Being able to assist my team members in meeting their deadlines or making sure that a parent can schedule a doctor’s appointment for their child is really rewarding. The more projects I work on, the more my code is helping people do the things they need to do!” he says.

On a weekly basis, he typically has two to four projects to work on which require varying amounts of work. That work could include anything from redesigning websites, to updating existing tools to add new functionality, or creating a new product from the ground up. Throughout the week, he also helps other Penrodians with various things as they come up, whether it’s a quick bug fix or advising whether we can fulfill a client request.
What does that translate to day-to-day? We asked Chris what that looks like:

“What I do in a typical day changes over time depending on the projects I’m on. For a couple months I might start every day meeting with my team to coordinate what we’re going to do that day, and then for the next few months I might spend my mornings getting right to work. The one thing that stays constant is my morning coffee, everything else depends on what our clients need.”

Good thing we have cold brew at the office, eh?

The job doesn’t come without its challenges, of course.

Chris says, “Salesforce is a very powerful tool, but it’s also a large and complex piece of software. There are many times where I think I understand what Salesforce will do in a certain situation, only for it to do something I wasn’t expecting at all. There’s always a new type of problem to solve, but that also means that there’s always something new to learn!“

Beyond Penrod, Chris is… passionate. We asked him to share a fun fact, and now we get to bless you with it, too:

“One of my favorite comfort foods is chicken sandwiches. There’s something about fried chicken in a bun that puts my mind at ease every single time, the ingredients just compliment each other so well. Quality doesn’t factor into it at all, I’ll enjoy a microwaved chicken patty on a cheap bun just as much as a quality cut of chicken on a nice brioche. It’s such a simple sandwich but there’s so many variations on the cheeses, sauces, and other toppings you can add. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life that would probably be it. I love chicken sandwiches.”

Penrod wouldn’t be the same without you, Chris— we’re glad you’re here!

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