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All Gold Everything


Five years ago we started something – a company focused on the success of our people, culture and our customers. This month we are happy to announce that we have achieved another accomplishment in our journey by becoming a Salesforce Gold Partner.

For those who may not know, Salesforce partnership levels are based on an annual evaluation of the community partners. The rating system looks at three main categories; revenue, the expertise of the company, and customer success. Gold is the second-highest level a company can obtain (superseded by Global Strategic).

This achievement is special for us because it represents a holistic look at the overall success of our company. It’s not just a revenue goal or a head count of the number of employees or customers we have. Those evaluations are fine, but they’re limited in what they can tell you about how truly successful your company is.

Five years ago we started something. When we did, we knew the only way we would succeed is through our people, our culture and the success of our customers. Today we all earned gold and we’re already on to tomorrow.