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An Inside Look at Penrod’s Annual Event: The Penrodpalooza

At Penrod, we work hard and we play hard, too. Read more about our annual event: the Penrodpalooza!

What could possibly happen at work that we’d end up with a video like this?

Penrodpalooza, that’s what.

One (very magical) time per year, Penrod holds a Penrodpalooza; this is a time when all employees are brought together from all over the States (we’re currently dispersed across 24 states!) to our headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a few days.

We use this time to hug teammates we haven’t seen in a couple quarters, share some drinks and good food, review the work we’ve accomplished, and vision-set for the quarters to come.

Our recent Palooza in August included an external speaker who spoke on Crucial Conversations in the workplace, a virtual gameshow for those at home or for those who participated in a hybrid fashion, a Brewers game complete with tailgating, a charity event through United Way centered on Health Equity, and finally, the answer to where these photos came from— a scavenger hunt around Milwaukee.

And true to our nature, our people followed through with gallant resolve (read: we’re competitive af). One of the categories was “I can’t believe we all fit in here!” See below:

Penrod doesn’t do boring. We believe work should be an exciting part of your life— filled to the brim with projects you enjoy, people you want to be around, and an atmosphere of warmth and a get-shit-done mentality. We strive for sincere connectivity of the personal and professional. Within this space, we can be our authentic selves, and when we’re our authentic selves, magic happens. Palooza is the perfect summary of this ideology.

Sound like something you could get down with? We’re always looking for the next Penrodian. Apply here!

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