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The Best B2B Marketing Automation Tool: Why We Love Pardot

One of our favorite parts of the Salesforce platform is how it uses automation to nurture relationships. And it does this with Pardot, its B2B marketing automation solution. It provides ways for organizations to cultivate new leads and nurture them through the sales funnel faster by bridging the gap between sales and marketing.

What You Need Before Implementing Pardot

While there are no requirements prior to implementing Pardot, you’ll get the most out of this tool if you have a fully-implemented Salesforce organization. This will allow you to use Pardot to its fullest potential and integrate your sales and marketing data across the Salesforce platform.

How You Can Use Pardot

Lead Generation and Qualification

Build custom forms and landing pages with Pardot’s simple drag-and-drop feature to capture and qualify new leads. Pardot automatically scores each lead to give your sales team insight into where the customer is in your funnel and how prepared they are to convert.

Email Marketing

Automated email marketing makes it simple for you to nurture leads, both as soon as they opt-in to emails but also over time. Lists are segmented so you can create different nurturing journeys for different customer segments.

Engagement Studio

Enable your sales and marketing teams to collaborate more effectively with custom customer journeys and marketing content ready to go at the click of a button.

Custom features

Marketing Analytics

Robust marketing analytics powered by Einstein Analytics enables your team to target the right prospects with a customized approach. Your team will have data on every interaction to help you calculate and monitor campaign success, understand any areas where prospects are getting stuck in your funnel, and discover new insights that help you get more out of your marketing investment.

Salesforce Engage

Integrating Salesforce Engage will empower your sales team to reach prospects faster with personalized content. Build custom mass emails with Pardot templates and track each interaction with your email campaigns.

Native Third-Party Connectors

Further automate your sales and marketing platform by linking one or more of the 10 native third-party connectors. These apps give you access to expanded and deeper automation efforts that allow you to streamline and optimize your marketing process.

What we love the most

You can Set It and Forget It

Pardot is the ultimate automation tool. You can create campaigns, set the guidelines for when they go out and who they go to, and then you can literally just forget about it. If needed, you can always go back and make changes or improvements, but you don’t have to; Pardot will run your campaigns for years to come.

Unknown to Known

Pardot tracks every single interaction an unknown prospect takes with your site so when they convert, you can see where they have been and products that most interest them.

It’s Intuitive

Pardot is incredibly intuitive and simple to use. Other B2B automation tools are often complex and tend to create more work. Pardot is just the opposite – it does the work for you.

Nurture a new prospect from unknown visitor to your highest selling contact with Pardot! Discover how by talking with a Pardot expert today.

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