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How Information Silos Lead to Game Over: Lessons From Tetris

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A Penrod Books Blog: Let’s Get Down To Business

At our most recent all staff meeting, the Yearly Kick Off, we gifted a couple of books to our employees related to business practices or...

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What We Learned About The Future Of Healthcare at HIMSS

From our little corner of the world, we knew technology was transforming the healthcare industry, but at HIMSS ‘18, we learned just how radical the...

#Health Providers
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A Look Inside Our 2018 Yearly Kick Off

Every quarter, we all get together under one roof for our Quarterly Kick Offs. We discuss our progress in the last three months relating to...

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How Salesforce CPQ Speeds Up Your Sales Team

The business world has enough acronyms and abbreviations already, am I right? There’s CRM, ERP, KPI, ROI, API, [insert your favorite acronym here]. Let’s just...

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Come See Us At HIMSS ‘18 To Learn How Health Cloud Can Keep Your Practice Patient-Centric

We wanted to give you all a heads up that we’ll be at HIMSS ‘18 (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) and would love to...

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How We Improve Productivity With Quip And How You Can Too

My role at Penrod includes a lot of moving parts and collaborating with team members throughout the day on different projects. If you’re like me,...

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How Lightning Will Make Your Life Easier With The Spring ‘18 Release

Salesforce’s Spring ‘18 Release has way too much cool stuff to cover in one blog post. Lots of good things happening that are going to...

#Field Service Lightning
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Penrod’s Certification Rockstars, January 2018

Last month, our rockstars here at Penrod compiled over a dozen new certifications with Salesforce and Conga. Great work team! We’re so proud of everyone’s...

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Why Do Salesforce Certifications Matter At Penrod?

How do we know our people know their Salesforce stuff? It’s all in their certifications. Salesforce offers a wide variety of certifications so Salesforce admin...

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