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Connecting Patients to the Right Care

Patients are becoming savvier and more engaged in their health, and their expectations of customer service are higher than ever. Thanks to online retail giants, patients want a personalized experience, ready recommendations, and more. How can healthcare call center service agents meet these needs? With Salesforce Health Cloud.

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Elevating the Patient Experience

It’s no surprise that patients are more engaged in their health and wellness than ever before and expect a personalized healthcare experience. But what may surprise you is many of these new patient expectations are being set by non-healthcare industries, such as online retail. Patients are used to hyper-efficient transactions, suggestions based on their interests, and regular updates about their purchase. The retail standard has become the standard for all industries, and as a result, healthcare is tasked with elevating their customer experience game.

Adapting Healthcare to a Digital World

One of the most important ways the healthcare industry can offer a powerful experience is through their customer care or call centers. Service agents play a large role in patient care by scheduling appointments, updating clinical and insurance information, and offering information about providers and services. Agents manage a wealth of information, yet many centers rely on disparate systems. This means siloed data, long call times, and a less-than-exceptional patient experience.

To transform the experience, service agents need integrated data, AI for a healthcare audience, and fully HIPAA-compliant software, all in one integrated platform. Simply put, they need Salesforce Health Cloud.

Connect and Manage It All with Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud helps agents to efficiently manage patient inquiries – from appointment scheduling to connecting patients to the right physician – all from a single console. Salesforce Health Cloud can facilitate the exceptional patient experience through a unique 360-degree view of the patient, integration with electronic health records (EHR), and innovative AI technology and workflows.

Logging in, Health Cloud users instantly see a difference with Salesforce’s dashboard interface. The comprehensive 360-degree view of the patient includes clinical and non-clinical insights, such as contact and insurance information and past health history. All information is neatly housed in one spot and kept organized and easily accessible through tabs, allowing service agents to perform updates and inquiries quickly, without having to toggle between platforms.

Health Cloud also integrates with electronic health record (EHR) systems, including Epic and Cerner, so changes are made in real-time for a connected, seamless experience. For example, a patient reaches out to a contact center to schedule a knee replacement surgery. Using Health Cloud, the service agent can schedule the surgery, as well as pre- and post-surgical appointments while on the same call. The agent can also confirm insurance information, and because of the integration with other platforms, also provide benefits information including out-of-pocket costs. This offers the patient peace of mind, while also streamlining processes for the healthcare and insurance providers.

Health Cloud also helps elevate the customer experience by removing the burden from the patient while keeping them engaged in their care. If paperwork needs to be completed, such as a pre-visit checklist, the agent can walk through this while the patient is on the phone. The agent can also send the information electronically, so when the patient logs into their online portal, they will see the checklist, appointments, and other information discussed on the call. It’s this personalized healthcare that empower consumers to become better advocates of their healthcare.

Salesforce also understands that keeping protected health information (PHI) is a top concern for both patients and providers; that’s why Health Cloud can be configured to be fully HIPAA-compliant software. Administrators can create different user access levels based on “need to know” tiers, and as an added level of security, Health Cloud works seamlessly with Salesforce Shield.

Workflows and AI for personalization and efficiency

Service agents can also harness the power of AI in healthcare to further engage patients. Salesforce does this with Einstein, an integrated set of AI technologies. Through a series of smart prompts, agents can maximize their time with the patient and schedule follow-ups, verify insurance information, and more.

Some inquiries can even be managed with AI chatbots. By using Einstein’s natural language processing and Salesforce data, chatbots can quickly answer common questions, freeing up agents to spend more time on complex interactions that require greater one-on-one support.

Teams can also use Einstein’s predictions and recommendations to automate and streamline workflows. And with Einstein Analytics for Healthcare, agents and providers can obtain key insights about individuals and groups of patients. With this, service agents can help patients save time and costs. For example, an agent can see a patient’s prescription and where it is currently being filled. The agent may be able to suggest a pharmacy that is closer and offers the medication at a lower cost. This simple action, facilitated by Health Cloud’s integration, benefits both patients and providers and goes a long way in earning patient loyalty.

Penrod’s final take

Today’s patients are more engaged in their healthcare, but they also have greater expectations for the patient experience. Patients expect interactions that mirror that of today’s online retail giants, complete with efficient service and personalization. Health Cloud is the perfect platform to facilitate this. Through its 360-degree view of the patient, integration with EHRs, and AI options, Health Cloud can help agents achieve the efficiency businesses need, while also providing the exceptional experience patients want.

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