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Core Values Series: Flexibility

Check out our newest series centered around our Core Values. Next up: Flexibility!

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In our last post, you learned a little about our shared goals and values by way of our Core Value of Teamwork.

Our five Core Values are:

  • Accountability
  • Flexibility
  • Growth
  • Grit
  • Teamwork

Next up on the list for us to explore: Flexibility!

We define flexibility as the ability to “We can bend without breaking. We are a flexible organization that is willing to learn, explore new ideas and make changes. We give flexibility to [our people] and expect flexibility in return.”

Our people show Flexibility every day by:

  • Offering to help when they have knowledge to share
  • Offering to help when they have time to give
  • Adjusting schedules or accommodating last minute asks, as they are able, when it’s what’s best for Penrod/the customer
  • Engaging with empathy and flexing to meet someone where they are at
  • Working patiently with a client’s changing needs
  • And, of course, more!

Take a look at a Flexibility shoutout given recently:

Stay tuned for a look into our other Core Values!

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