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What Makes Us Great: Penrod’s Core Values

Penrod has been named a top Wisconsin place to work for three years running. We’ve earned a prime spot in the Inc. 500 list multiple times. We’re proud to be a Platinum Salesforce partner. And not to boast, but we have some of the best employees around.

At Penrod, we’re Salesforce consultants with grit. That’s us in four words. But our people, culture, innovation, and what makes us tick is so much more than a great sound bite. It’s Penrod’s core values that drive us as individuals and as a team:

  • Accountability
  • Growth
  • Grit
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility

Let’s be honest: a lot of companies can list off values, and a lot of people can say, “That totally describes me!” Call us nosy, but we like to dig deeper. That’s why we have a unique hiring process, so we can really get to know candidates as people – and potential Penrod teammates. You spend a lot of time at work so we want to make sure this is a great partnership for everyone.

We live our values from the very first step: interviewing.

We invest in people from the very beginning, with our time. This isn’t speed dating here – our hiring process can be slower than some companies, because we’re looking to hire the right person, not just any person. We have one interview dedicated to culture fit, where you’re asked questions that align with Penrod’s core values. If you share our core values, are positive, and passionate about learning, great! There’s a good chance you’ll continue in our interview process.

Technical skills matter, but culture fit is more important.

We love to see people who have experience with Salesforce, but we know everyone comes to the table with different levels of experience. For more technical or higher-level positions, you’ll need more Salesforce skills, of course. However, there are entry-level positions that don’t require 5-10 years of experience. As long as you have a learner mindset, are eager to take on new responsibilities, and can’t wait to dive into the Salesforce ecosystem headfirst, you have the foundations for a great career with Penrod.

We empower our employees to contribute to our great culture.

Lots of companies try to create culture, but at Penrod, we know culture isn’t something you are – it’s something you do. It’s something you live. It’s a group of people actively working toward a common goal.

Our core values define our culture. We design our benefits, processes, and workflows around our culture. We want to make sure that everything we do aligns with and supports our culture, our clients, and helps us reach our goals.

Penrod is proud to be a Platinum Level Salesforce partner, a designation that we earned through working toward a common goal: building a strong global reputation based on mutual respect and trust with our customers. It’s a pillar of our business and we expect our employees to maintain that. It means going above and beyond, finding solutions to improbable puzzles, and always staying positive and encouraging.

We recognize employees when they demonstrate our culture – and our core values.

That’s why we created our Culture Sponsor program. Every quarter, team members from Penrod volunteer to serve as culture sponsors. They act as ambassadors of our brand and drive engagement initiatives. In other words, they get creative and plan some fun R&R events where the whole team can kick back and enjoy some quality time together off the clock.


You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to appreciate the “Just Effing Do It” or JEDI award. Throughout each quarter, employees may nominate other employees who stood out for doing the right thing and being a great example of Penrod’s culture.

Slack shout outs

Great work doesn’t happen just once a quarter. We’re stoked that every day our employees demonstrate their accountability, growth, grit, teamwork, and flexibility. That’s why we give daily shout-outs on Slack to recognize them and give them the props they deserve. And just in case anyone missed it, we also have a weekly newsletter that features a Slack shout-out of the week.

Naturally we carry our core values into our partnerships with our clients. You can see it woven into our Proven Process Roadmap. Our clients are really an extension of our team, so their success is our success. It’s that teamwork in the office and out, fueled by our values, that makes Penrod great.

Ready to accept the Salesforce challenge and work in a fast-paced, high-energy environment where you can really flex your innovation muscles? We’re hiring!