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Putting the Patient at the Center of Your Digital Strategy for Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare has always been about putting the patient first. In an increasingly digital world, that means meeting the patients where they are – online, on email, and on the go. That’s why it’s so important to put your patient at the center of your healthcare technology strategy.

Healthcare Delivery in a Digital Landscape

Today’s patients interact with their healthcare providers in different ways, but thanks to digital and telehealth innovations, health information is more accessible than ever before. As a result, patients are more engaged and empowered in making healthcare-related decisions. This provides an opportunity for physicians and clinical staff to offer greater engagement with their healthcare delivery.

Digital strategies can help any healthcare provider, no matter what their role or the size of their team. A patient-focused digital strategy also helps providers offer better coordination of care, as well as a greater depth of care. The key is meeting the patient where they are, which today means in a digital realm. How can you do that easily? We recommend Salesforce Health Cloud.

Patient Care Technologies offer Greater Depth of Care

Penrod champions patient care technologies like Salesforce Health Cloud because the user-friendly platform can complement your existing platforms and strategies to help bring impactful solutions to life. It’s a perfect fit for both large hospital systems and smaller clinics alike and can easily adapt to unique client needs.

One of the benefits of using Health Cloud is having patient information in one centralized place, which automatically puts your patient at the center of your digital strategy. Instead of struggling to find patient data across multiple systems, Health Cloud gives you the ability to view critical patient information in one single platform. Your staff can quickly view a patient’s health and appointment history, invoicing, upcoming visits, and more all on one dashboard.

Penrod can partner with you, showing you how to use these insights to create processes and goals to save time and money. For example, using Health Cloud, your team can determine predefined patient milestones and touchpoints. This allows the team to offer a more personal touch, via reminders and other notices, such as alerting patients to forms they may need to fill out ahead of time. This can help expedite processes, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

These processes also provide a greater depth of patient care and understanding. As a result, patients can stay more involved in their healthcare plan, which in turn can help reduce readmission rates and costs.

Your office’s digital strategy may involve more advanced goals, such as growing patients via email campaigns, or tracking interactions to help improve patient engagement. We’re happy to craft a digital strategy that focuses on your unique needs, while keeping the patient at the center.

Improves Patient, Provider Experience

Platforms like Health Cloud are a great tool for patient-focused digital strategies. Integrating Health Cloud and Community Cloud offers patients the ability to enjoy self-service access to their electronic health records, easily message their providers, and make appointments at any time. Providers enjoy having a centralized place for patient information, reduced need for double-entry, and the ability to create alerts, reminders, and actionable items throughout the patient journey.

Not sure what you need? Every practice and team is different. That’s why Penrod takes the time to review your current processes and discuss current and future goals. We’ll help you leverage what you need from your current systems while expanding your digital–and patient–reach.

Are you ready to put the patient at the center of your digital strategy while improving processes and efficiency? Penrod can help. Contact us.