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Field Service Lightning – Our Favorite Features

Field Service Lightning (FSL) is a powerful Salesforce tool for Salesforce customers who need to manage a mobile workforce. It works well in industries like public utilities, professional services, manufacturing, and financial services. It provides the central platform to coordinate field operations, including scheduling service appointments, dispatching mobile workers and equipment, as well as tracking vehicle locations, product stock, and appointment status. FSL includes the ability to create a custom mobile app, see what each team member is doing on any given day in Day View, provide team members with guided instructions for workflows, and instantly communicate with team members on the field. You can find a full list of features here.

Before You Implement FSL

Before you build out your FSL instance, you’ll need several licenses

  • FSL Agent License: Ability to schedule Service Appointments
  • FSL Dispatcher License: Access to the Dispatcher Calendar
  • FSL Resource License: Allows users to be created as Service Resources, where they can be scheduled and assigned to Service Appointments
  • FSL Admin License: Ability to configure the FSL application
  • FSL Mobile License: Ability to access the FSL mobile application

Some other items to consider before you start your implementation – Service Cloud isn’t a requirement, but FSL enhances what you can do in Service Cloud and vice versa, so using the two together is recommended.

Additionally, while Salesforce Community Cloud isn’t a requirement either, FSL provides your customers insight into the field operation process and allow them to do things like schedule their own appointments.

Common Use Cases

Create Appointments and Assign Resources

FSL provides dispatchers and agents a quick and simple method to create appointments and assign resources, either from the office or in the field.

Reduce Manual Efforts

FSL automates assignment of resources based on factors like skill set and availability. Without FSL, administrators have to manually assign agents to different jobs, a process that can be difficult and time-consuming.

Real time view of resources

This powerful tool also provides real-time insight into all resources, agent location in the field, and when they’ll be available for their next appointment.

Mobile data access in the field

FSL also gives agents the ability to access the data they need to do their jobs. They’re able to update the data, collect customer signatures, and view their data even offline.

Inventory tracking

FSL also provides real-time inventory tracking and management as parts are offloaded from warehouses and used to complete jobs.

Custom Features

Automate service appointment and work order syncing

Details from Service Appointments users create won’t automatically sync with the associated Work Order. For Salesforce customers who need these two features to sync, you can use custom automation to ensure data from appointments and work orders are consistent.

create multiple service appointments

You can also create a custom action to allow more than one resource to be scheduled at a time so you can create multiple service appointments for agents you select.

Our Favorite Features

Optimization Engine

The optimization engine is very powerful. When you define a set of rules and grading weights, after a short amount of time Salesforce will be on its way to choosing the most optimal candidates for a job. Many clients spend hours tracking this information manually, and FSL streamlines and optimizes the process of choosing the best resources for each assignment.

Mobile App

Each client we’ve worked with loves the mobile app because it adds so much value for their agents in the field. Those agents can quickly access their jobs for the day, grab all the information they need, and then make updates on the go.

Service Reports

Service Reports are PDF reports that list all the details of a Work Order or Service Appointment and can be generated with the click of a button. This feature gives you insight into jobs and helps you share those insights with the right people.

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