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Growing, Growing, Gone — Penrod is Moving!

We’re busting at the seams! The Penrod team has been growing at a rapid rate and is ready for something bigger and better. So what does that mean? We’re moving!

This fall Penrod will be relocating to a new 12,800 square foot space on the second floor of the Phoenix Building in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. The unique location will provide fun work spaces and an open concept floor plan encouraging collaboration and strengthening the flow of information. Whiteboard desks encourage brainstorming and a little playful doodling, another example of how important it is at Penrod to mix hard work and having fun. The ping pong table, swings, arcade basketball pop-shot, and our giant teddy bear is just a glimpse in to our fun and quirky culture.

Penrod’s new HQ progress

Penrod began just over 4 years ago and has since seen instrumental growth. As a cloud consulting agency and partner, Penrod helps companies drive engagement for their business, customers and employees. Being recently named the second fastest growing partner, Penrod must be able to support this growth and expansion of our team. With this expansion as well as the opening of our second office location in Chicago, more growth and big things are absolutely in Penrod’s future!

“We pride ourselves on being the best place to work for young professionals in Wisconsin and are excited to provide an even better work environment for our team. By constantly encouraging spontaneous interaction between co-workers, we are able to achieve exceptional results and further our growth.”

-Joe Taylor, President and Co-Founder of Penrod

The new office space offers a fun, casual environment and an engaging culture that will continue to inspire creativity and teamwork. We believe that investing in our people will not only lead to success for each individual, but as an entire team. Recently being named “The Best Place to Work for Young Professionals in Wisconsin”, Penrod is inspired to push itself even further and wants to provide the best, most productive work place. With this exciting new move, we hope to continue to grow our team, inspire our clients and be an influential part of our community.

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