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Here’s What TrailHeaDX Means For Penrod And Our Clients

Some of the developers on our team attended TrailheaDX last week and they came back brimming with new information, new ideas on how to improve the solutions we offer, and renewed excitement for what is ahead.

TrailheaDX: What it is

But first of all, what is TrailheaDX exactly?

This event is a conference for Salesforce developers where nearly 10,000 Salesforce developers from all over the world gather to learn about new Salesforce technologies.

While there, we gain hands-on training experience and spend time networking with each other.

Our developers learn about what new features are being released in the Salesforce ecosystem and how to better use what is available to them already.

We also have the privilege of being able to connect with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who have built applications on the Salesforce platform.

All of this new knowledge and networking is valuable because we do not provide cookie cutter solutions for our customers. Each project is unique in its own way.

By attending TrailheaDX we learn new ways to help us provide our customers the solution that is right for their business.

What’s on the horizon: Salesforce Integration Cloud

One thing we are really excited about is the plan Salesforce has to purchase Mulesoft, an integration platform that connects enterprise cloud and on-premise applications together.

Our data specialist Brandon LaFave spends much of his day building integrations using tools such as Mulesoft so learning how Salesforce will implement Mulesoft in its product offering was especially interesting for him and his teammates.

In addition, we learned that Salesforce is releasing a new product called the Salesforce Integration Cloud, a set of services and tools that will make it much easier to connect Salesforce with other enterprise solutions.

Highlights from TrailheaDX

Debugging faster

Salesforce is also releasing two new debuggers that will help developers find and fix bugs faster. That in turn helps us develop our solutions more efficiently, keeping our clients happy as clams.

Dependency API

Call us total nerds, but we are in love with the new Dependency API. We have been waiting for something like this from Salesforce for a while, and now that it’s finally here, we’re thrilled.

No more trying to remove something from a Salesforce org only to hit a dependency error!

Changing how developers work

Salesforce is continuing to improve the lives of developers everywhere. With improvements to standard lightning components and Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS), it is now easier than ever to provide users with a standard user experience throughout their organization.

Salesforce DX is changing the way developers move changes between environments, the integration of DX with Heroku CI and the ability to create plugins gives developers more control on customizing their workflow.

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