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How Penrod’s Partnership With Conga Delivers Value For Our Clients

When we find a solution that makes our jobs easier, we can’t keep it to ourselves. That’s exactly what happened in the case of Conga.

Conga offers document automation and speeds up document generation for quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices and more. Their product can pull data directly from Salesforce and helps eliminate human error in document management.


When a solution works for Penrod, we share it

We started using Conga internally to manage contracts and automate processes. Along the way, we realized Conga had something special going for them.

They were making our lives at Penrod much easier and gave us more time to focus on our customers instead of tedious admin tasks.

We saw that Conga was leading the way in document and contract management, and we knew our clients could benefit from a solution that integrated so seamlessly with their Salesforce organizations.

“Penrod chooses to partner with solutions that we believe to be not only best in their class in the Salesforce ecosystem but the best for our clients as well,” Penrod’s Manager of Partner Alliances Katy Engebretson said. “Becoming a partner means becoming advocates and more importantly experts in the product offerings. We implement these solutions internally to gain user experience and insights with real hands-on experience.”


Conga looks for partners who take good care of their clients

On Conga’s end, Ryan Marcoux, Director of Partner Alliances, could see that Penrod’s team had a good understanding of client needs and could pinpoint where Conga would fit into the larger picture for clients.

“The gap Penrod really helps us fill is understanding the mutual client’s need,” Ryan said. “We have a lot of clients who use Penrod and need Conga. Penrod helps us fill the gap of where we fit in with the larger projects and client initiatives. If we truly understand through Penrod what the customer is trying to do, we may have more ways to help solve some of the customer’s business challenges than they actually thought. Penrod is a crucial piece of that equation.”

When Penrod helps its clients implement Salesforce into their business procedures, often there’s a need for other solutions – document management, for instance, like Conga offers. On the other side, Conga’s clients occasionally need a consulting firm to help them maximize their Salesforce investment. In both cases, Conga and Penrod work together to ensure their clients are successful.

“…Penrod has such a wonderful reputation in our office, because, if nothing else, the customer satisfaction that comes out of the engagements is crucial.”

Ryan Marcoux


Strong partnerships come down to transparency, communication, and reputation.

The partnership between Conga and Penrod has been so effective because both companies have a strong reputation in the marketplace. Each company has worked hard to develop fluid communication and openness in their offices, and both teams know the other has their back.

“We want to make sure we are doing business with people that our customers like doing business with,” Ryan said. “And this is why Penrod has such a wonderful reputation in our office, because, if nothing else, the customer satisfaction that comes out of the engagements is crucial. We want to make sure that if we’re entrusting a partner to implement our product that it’s going to be done correctly and done to our standards and the customer’s standards.”

How Penrod and Conga have served their mutual clients. In the past six months, Penrod and Conga have partnered together to provide solutions for six mutual clients. While the clients varied across industries and had relatively different use cases, each time there was one thing in common: they needed both Conga and Penrod. The strong partnership between our two companies allows us to give clients the key to their success.

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