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How Prodly Helps Us Help Our Customers

Not so long ago, moving Salesforce CPQ configuration data from a staging sandbox to production was a very manual task. The workflow was complex, and there were lots of moving parts that all had to work correctly for all the data to migrate the way it was supposed to. Not gonna lie, it was kind of tricky.

And then we found Prodly and their relational data migration tool, called Moover. Moover was designed by Salesforce experts who knew how tricky it was to move data from one org to another. They managed to reduce a highly manual task involving spreadsheets and a data loader that typically took 10 to 20 hours of laborious work, to just a few clicks.

Along the way, we’ve developed a strong partnership with Prodly’s team where we work together to make each and every Salesforce application implementation simpler, more streamlined, and easier to maintain. In the end, this gives our clients more power over their Salesforce organization and helps them get the most out of their investment.

Prodly is a company we’re proud to offer to our customers because it has made our lives easier and we know it will make their lives simpler, too.

We sat down and chatted with David Belove CEO at Prodly about just why our partnership is so effective.

We both get to do what we’re great at

A good partnership leverages both partners’ strengths. In this case, Prodly is awesome at building helpful tools that simplify the lives of our team and the jobs of our clients.

We want to work with Salesforce implementation partners that get the value of what we do. When we found out that Penrod actually had a dedicated data migration team, we knew they were a perfect fit. Penrod takes relational data migration very seriously, in fact, Penrod actually has a data migration team that provides their specialized expertise to the various Penrod project teams.
-David Belove, Prodly CEO​

On the other side, Penrod’s team are subject matter experts in Salesforce CPQ and we bring a high level of industry knowledge to the game so we can help Prodly identify the customers that need their tool. In relationship terms, they’re the geek who’s best friends with the social butterfly.

We talk. A lot.

You know those BFFs who can’t be separated in high school? That’s basically us. Prodly has been incredibly accessible to make sure our Penrod team has the information they need to make every single implementation we partner on successful. That means they’re super responsive to our questions and stay in the loop throughout the project.

Some business relationships are once and done – you buy the product and never hear from the vendor again.

With Penrod and Prodly, it’s a constant back-and-forth conversation. That’s helped our clients derive more value from their Salesforce investment and on the flip side, it’s helped Prodly continually improve their tool to make it even more powerful.

It’s all about success (our customer’s success, to be exact)

The idea behind our partnership is about creating success paths for our customers. We use Moover during Salesforce CPQ implementations and then we train the client to take over their reference data – which often involves using Moover to update prices, products, and configuration rules.

Prodly created this great tool and we train our mutual clients how to use it to get the most out of their data. In the long run, this enhances their business agility and increases their satisfaction and ROI.

Our customers are able to extract more value from Salesforce and can now easily update their product catalog every day as opposed to once a quarter. This means they get more use out of Salesforce CPQ and helps increase their ROI.
-David Belove, Prodly CEO

It’s only going to get better

Penrod has been an early adopter of Prodly Moover. Our synergistic partnership is going to mean we’re both able to improve and as a result, we’re going to keep creating awesome success paths for our mutual customers!

Ready to increase your Salesforce CPQ ROI with Prodly Moover?

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