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Is FSL the Right Fit for Your Organization?

If you’re in the field service industry, you’ve likely heard how cloud-based software is transforming work as you know it. It’s time to upgrade to automated job scheduling and field service software, but which one is the best fit for you? Penrod is a fan of Salesforce Field Lightning. Learn why – and how it can transform your business.

Field service management software is designed to enable a service-driven business. Think electricians, plumbers, HVAC, and more. No matter what your industry, cloud-based offerings like Salesforce Field Service Lightning can organize all aspects of your business with a field service platform and the Field Service Lightning mobile app, for technicians on the go.

With Field Service Lightning, you can assign cases to the right resources with optimization that considers proximity, skills, workload, and availability, instantly automate invoices as soon as jobs are closed, and create and manage work orders. As a result, you’ll enjoy cost savings from smarter route planning, increased employee productivity, and decreased wait time, which almost always means satisfied customers.

Is Salesforce Field Service Lightning right for your organization? Chances are, if you have a dispatchable workforce, yes! Let’s take a closer look at some of the key benefits it can offer.

Increased Productivity

Change is a constant, but no industry experiences change quite like field service. Appointments are scheduled – and rescheduled – on short notice, and last-minute emergency calls pop up regularly. Techs and dispatchers need to pivot quickly so as to not lose valuable time and money on a suddenly open schedule. Using the Field Service Lightning mobile app, employees out in the field can receive alerts in real time, so they can adjust their routes and schedules with little downtime. This helps increase productivity, which ultimately improves your bottom line.

More Data and Increased Accuracy

Field service software empowers service techs by providing them access to greater data, like customer service tickets, invoicing history, and a comprehensive knowledge library. With this information at their fingertips, they’re able to better comply with processes and best practices while providing accurate service.

The Salesforce Field Service Lightning mobile app also helps eliminate data-entry errors because there is little to no risk for lost or incomplete paperwork. Instead of picking up paper work orders at the start of the day, Salesforce Field Service Lightning contractors can simply reach for their mobile device while out in the field or at a job, enter the required data once into a secure system of record, and then easily access it later. Not only does the mobile documentation eliminate paper clutter, it also reduces the risk of error.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day, good companies seek to exceed customer expectations. In today’s busy world, where service calls are often scheduled in multi-hour windows, this can be a challenge. With field service mobile optimization, however, technicians can improve scheduling accuracy and stay in closer contact with customers.

Meet and Exceed Business Goals with Salesforce Lightning

When looking at field service or automated job scheduling software, some organizations take the stance of “If it’s not broke, why fix it?” They may believe traditional methods of dispatch and field service management (think paper records and manual job scheduling) are just fine and why upgrade?

We like to remind our clients that Salesforce Field Service Lightning can be customized to meet your unique business needs, no matter what your goals. Is your business at a comfortable level and your goal is to hold onto your existing customer base? Automated job scheduling software like Field Service Lightning can help you create cost-saving efficiencies that can improve your bottom line while also wowing customers and ensuring their continued loyalty.

If you’re a larger organization or looking to expand, Salesforce Field Service Lightning is ideal because it can grow with your business. Each instance can be customized for single or multiple business lines, as well as sales and field service tech teams. Penrod can also work with you to integrate the Field Service Lightning workflow into the sales process. No matter what your organization’s size or future growth plans, Field Service Lightning can be tailored to meet your business needs – and exceed expectations.

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