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Looking ahead to Midwest Dreamin’ hosted by the community


Registration for Midwest Dreamin’ is live!

For folks who attended the Chicago World Tour, you may be thinking about skipping Midwest Dreamin’ on July 21-22. I would strongly advise you reconsider.

Midwest Dreamin’ is a completely different style of event. Run by the Community of Users instead of and in my opinion it gets closer to the content and camaraderie of Dreamforce than World Tour does.

If programing follows the style of years past, there will be an opening and closing keynote, with breakout sessions categorized by executive, end user, admin and developer tracks. Sessions are presented by the faces you see answering questions in the success community and giving high-fives at the User Groups. Content is by real users, backed up by real everyday utilization.

For Admins in particular, Midwest Dreamin’ feels a little like summer camp. You reunite with all your friends you’ve only seen online since last year’s Midwest Dreamin’ or maybe at Dreamforce if you were lucky. There’s a lot of “war story” swapping about things that make “Admins Drink“. And if it’s your first time at camp, don’t be shy. Find someone in a Penrod hoodie. We’ll introduce you to the gang.

Here’s a playlist by WI User Group’s very own “Dammit Andy” to get you through the 28 days until Midwest Dreamin’. See you there!