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Looking Back On 2017, And Looking Forward To 2018

How is 2017 already over? We’ve sipped our New Year’s champagne and sang “Auld Lang Syne,” and reflected on all the goodness 2017 had to offer. In addition, we’ve also thought about a few of the things we’re looking most forward to in 2018. Here are just a few of our favorites.


Relationship Milestones

2017 had some really great relationship moments, and 2018 will have even more. Congrats to you all!

In 2017

“Moved into our first apartment with my husband.” – Jon Mills, Salesforce Specialist

“Getting married!” – Courtney Denzer, Project Manager

“Falling in love with someone and moving in with them and being really, really, truly happy for the first time in a very long time.”  – Tommy Allen, Marketing Specialist

In 2018

“I’m looking forward to getting hitched.” – Mary Sgroi, Project Manager


Nature feats and personal goals

Kudos to all the Penrodians who climbed a mountain this year. We’re just over here downing stale Christmas cookies and being in awe of them. Maybe this next year we’ll all be able to climb our own mountains, literally or figuratively!

In 2017

“Hiking Fuji.” – Keenan Wojnicz, Project Manager

“Got engaged! Hiked up more than one mountain!” – Bonnie Stolpman, Salesforce Specialist

“Jumping off cliffs into the sea in Greece.” – Tara Vandygriff, Engagement Manager

In 2018

“I’m excited to get back into skiing and playing tennis, getting back into shape and always excited to meet new people each year.”  – Nick Engstrand, Business Development Representative

“Reading some books, getting healthier, getting CTA, building puzzles.” – Scott Goral, Technical Architect

“Going to Thailand, and getting married.” – Bonnie Stolpman


Career moments

When our people count successes – past, present and future – at Penrod as some of their best moments, it means we’re doing something right.

In 2017

“Almost deleting the LinkedIn message before I said to myself, ‘Penrod? Wait, isn’t that where Mike and Megan work?’”  – Justin Piehowski, Director, Marketing Services

“Got three more Salesforce certifications and also destroyed my goals of playing shows as a DJ this year.” – Tim Huesmann, Developer

“Dreamforce.” – Joe Taylor, Cofounder and CEO

In 2018

“I’m just excited for the new year. I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be the best year yet for me personally and professionally.” – Tommy Allen

“People’s continued growth professional and personally.” – Joe Taylor

“I’m excited for our growth. I feel like year after year we evolve into something greater.” – Katy Engebretson, Sales Operations Manager

“Organizationally I’m excited for us to find and own an identity, that really stuck with me at the QKO and got me excited.”-  Keenan Wojnicz


Bucket list

And then there are those people who crossed off bucket list items, and are ready to cross off some more. Way to go guys!

In 2017

“Made a baby.” – Brandon LaFave, Data Specialist

“Teaching Ethan to ride a bike, pretty proud moment.” – Justin Nichols, Senior Account Executive

“Seeing 3 of my favorite bands live and finding out I’m going to be an uncle again.” – JJ Cory, Developer Lead

“Meeting Kip Moore and adopting Tucker!” – Steven Soukup, Salesforce Specialist

“Buying my first house, it’s been a rollercoaster.”  – Keegan Tague, Salesforce Lead

“My debut singing karaoke and playing guitar on stage in front of people. Happened first at Penrod.” – Jay Herring, Senior Account Executive

In 2018

“Moving into a house, having a second income, getting healthy, and getting the OGs twitter over 200 followers.”  – Scott Sitron, Salesforce Specialist

“I’m excited for the Vikings winning the super bowl at home.” – Gabe Rholl, Director, Salesforce Development

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s to an even better 2018!

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